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  1. I would at least do a Borescope to see if you had any piston to valve contact. Hard to belive you didn't bend a valve or something else. These I don't believe are non interference motors.
  2. You should just post these pics in the hellcat forum.. there is a generic thread not in the SL area and just say isn't this beautiful and let it just stay without any commentary.. I'll take care of the rest.....along with Speedy...
  3. Absolutely I hate thieves whether they steal in the night..or someone's ideas. I'd like to see these be sold over on the HCsite.
  4. I actually posted in the unified Demon thread..but it got lost when the 18jake went crazy and they banned him..so I'm not sure they noticed it as no one addressed it..maybe be a vendor over there? Speedlogic won't sell to anyone who hasn't got a VIN
  5. I never heard this so I passed it on the Hellcat.org.. I'd be angry too.. lots of money and notoriety lost...
  6. I ordered Redlin2e with the Ruby interior, black wheels HC audio ..basically everything and the block heater ...except the sunroof.
  7. I'm kinda lost what the stolenlogic story????
  8. I don't think anyone has gotten a 4.5 whipple to run correctly yet on a Hellcat
  9. Bare. No injectors or rails.
  10. I have a 2007 6.1L Hemi intake Manifold. Started polishing the scrolls but gave up verse time. $600.00 Shipping extra. PM for pics
  11. King bearings are good
  12. Yea I understand what your sayin' now....
  13. This guy says they did http://www.hellcat.org/threads/hellcat-ecu-unlocked.4578/
  14. Yes they were sold to Holley... just like every corporate takeover it's all about ROI. What new produccts are in the pipeline.??? Plus with HP tuners seeming to get into a Hellcat PCM first..... that "race to crack into the late PCM's" has been lost by Diablosport to HP
  15. I just took a screenshot of just the Torque calculation folder under tables... Lots of stuff in those tables to input bad information that can take out a NAG transmission faster than a hand grenade. Now there are more tables yet.. it's just Diablo hasn't defined them yet and thats what?? 7 years later. I agree that anyone employed by the main company (Diablosport) should not be allowed to tune vehicles.. That is a total conflict of interest. That wouldn't be allowed in any other business now a days. I would even go so far to suggest that may people having gotten a engine tune had bad calibration that took the transmission out.. and the vehicle owner chalked it up to the OEM parts not being able to handle the new power... I say not so.. your bad tune led to your transmission premature failure.