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  1. I have a 2007 6.1L Hemi intake Manifold. Started polishing the scrolls but gave up verse time. $600.00 Shipping extra. PM for pics
  2. You should just post these pics in the hellcat forum.. there is a generic thread not in the SL area and just say isn't this beautiful and let it just stay without any commentary.. I'll take care of the rest.....along with Speedy...
  3. Absolutely I hate thieves whether they steal in the night..or someone's ideas. I'd like to see these be sold over on the HCsite.
  4. I actually posted in the unified Demon thread..but it got lost when the 18jake went crazy and they banned him..so I'm not sure they noticed it as no one addressed it..maybe be a vendor over there? Speedlogic won't sell to anyone who hasn't got a VIN
  5. I never heard this so I passed it on the Hellcat.org.. I'd be angry too.. lots of money and notoriety lost...
  6. I ordered Redlin2e with the Ruby interior, black wheels HC audio ..basically everything and the block heater ...except the sunroof.
  7. I'm kinda lost what the stolenlogic story????
  8. I don't think anyone has gotten a 4.5 whipple to run correctly yet on a Hellcat
  9. Bare. No injectors or rails.
  10. King bearings are good
  11. Yea I understand what your sayin' now....
  12. This guy says they did http://www.hellcat.org/threads/hellcat-ecu-unlocked.4578/
  13. Yes they were sold to Holley... just like every corporate takeover it's all about ROI. What new produccts are in the pipeline.??? Plus with HP tuners seeming to get into a Hellcat PCM first..... that "race to crack into the late PCM's" has been lost by Diablosport to HP
  14. I just took a screenshot of just the Torque calculation folder under tables... Lots of stuff in those tables to input bad information that can take out a NAG transmission faster than a hand grenade. Now there are more tables yet.. it's just Diablo hasn't defined them yet and thats what?? 7 years later. I agree that anyone employed by the main company (Diablosport) should not be allowed to tune vehicles.. That is a total conflict of interest. That wouldn't be allowed in any other business now a days. I would even go so far to suggest that may people having gotten a engine tune had bad calibration that took the transmission out.. and the vehicle owner chalked it up to the OEM parts not being able to handle the new power... I say not so.. your bad tune led to your transmission premature failure.
  15. Well the formula that I use when I don't use "Rule of Thumb" has more factors like temperature, barometric pressure.( Density) You have to remember all them Gas Laws come into play Alot of things effect the total absolute VE number... so to be 10% off is OK for that formula you use.
  16. Well that is an option. But it takes years of learning the FCA program... heck even the experienced tuners can still be perplexed by some engine combinations. I've had CMR ever since it was released and it still can make me pull my hair out. There is very little documentation on tune calibration manipulation, very little "Tribal Knowledge" that gets passed down ... heck just having a locked tune to me says either of two things.. one the tuner protects his good work... the other that I myself think is... more common is that it prevents others from verifying the mistakes that some tuners make from being unskilled. Now give this power to anyone with a laptop and just sit back and watch the carnage. Now you say you understand tuning.. can you give the algorithm the FCA uses for torque calculation and torque management? That if you don't know it and I have yet to see anyone post it will cause if you can't understand it's all for naught.
  17. So HP tuners has less tables than CMR so why are people looking to change?? less ability to change important stuff Why is there any discussion?? HP has better graphs?? There is no doubt CMR is better for skilled tuners, with more tables.
  18. It is pretty simple..... old school...... your in the ball park. Way too many people thinking that the small (370 Cu In engines)6.1 L need way too much air. The old 350 Cu In engines died on 750 CFM carburetors. My frame of thought is 304 CU In = 500 Holley CFM AMC stuff Many people seem to think they need a 90 MM throttle body for a 6.1 L They are way over throttled. Well the Hellcat uses a 92 MM throttle body and thats a 6.2 L supercharged to 2+ atmospheres.(11+ PSI)
  19. Actually no... When you cut a line their is too many variables, when it will fail etc.. By plug and play with wireless someone can be following you on the highway at 80 MPH and then lock your brakes while your doing a line change. Much more effective. BTW The New Z series Vettes with On Star will tell GM when the PCM has been screwed with... the long shot will be that GM will be able to reflash the PCM in the Vette when your asleep... now thats scary!
  20. "Best Solution" is a pretty big word...... Best solution is factory software which ain't gonna happen.. So the "Best reasonable solution" IMHO is using a NGC4A PCM, it has the same"zeros and ones" as any factory PCM to run the vehicle. The big thing here is "emissions compliance" if the NGC4A PCM will do that in a 2011+ car it all works out the same. The GPEC PCM has the same MPC 5554 chip as the NGC 4 and above so it's not like your giving up a greater PCM by removing the GPEC. To me as long as you can tune it............. and it passes emissions it's a WIN.
  21. If you want to send me your PCM I'll see what I can do........
  22. Another fantastic guy I personally recommend is Jerseyboy on the LX or Jeep site http://www.cherokeesrt8.com/forums/member.php?u=9129
  23. Thats why I just said proficient and not the "best" And left.
  24. Worked for Diablo. Left. Worked for Hennessey. Left. Proficient.