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  1. Bump trans 1000 Rxt 600 Driveshaft 500
  2. BUMP PRICE DROPS. RXT 850.00 TRANS 1500.00 DRIVESHAFT 600.00
  3. Up for sale is the factory takeout 6speed. Has 25k on it. Going the 400 route. Will come with bellhousing, flywheel and tob. Tob has about 800 miles on it. Also, Mcleod RXT twin disk, 26 spline. Has about 1k on it, bought in spring 2017. And last but not least DSS 1pc aluminum driveshaft. Not sure on the actual mileage. Everything is still in the car! Car still gets driven about 20 miles a week, depends on how many days it wants to rain. RXT 950.00 *NOW 850.00 26 spline purchased march 2017 TRANS 2000.00 *NOW 1500.00 factory takeoff DSS 600.00 - 1 piece aluminum driveshaft for 6 speed and getrag. Shipping is negotiable!! Located in Buffalo NY Text for pics. 7165978970
  4. Its literally a brand new clutch. I doubt the fingers are bent but its possible
  5. Ok thank you. I agree, Mcleod has been less than helpful. They dont seem to know how to shim a constant contact bearing. Thats what ill do then. I have 2 .055 and 2 .180 shims from tick. Ill add a .055 and see how it goes
  6. .
  7. Hate to resurrect an old thread. But im having an issue getting mine into gear while car is running. Same clutch as op (part number) Factory slave (new) First installed and it shifted great! About 250 to 300 miles later, i was with a few buddies at a spot we usually race and i did 3 test launches. 3rd launched rolled out and car stalled (seperate issue) went to start again and couldn't get into gear. I too was told the rxt did not need a spacer. Ended up burning the clutch up to the point where the pads on the 1st disc fused to the pressure plate. Sent it to mcleod and they rebuilt it. Took a few measurements and they are as follows Tob to trans face (compressed) 1.41 PP fingers to bellhousing face 2.01 .6 difference Added 3 tick shims (.180 .180 .055) = .415 Reinstalled everything and still couldnt get into gear. Took everything back out saw that the sleeve the bearing rides on was pushed into the 1st plate! Destroyed the slave. So obviously thats too much shim even though its what the measurment called for. Anybody have any guidance? Before i burn through anotherclutch
  8. Think i got it figured out. The slave tube was literally touching the first disc in the clutch. Somehow the shim measurements didnt add up. Originally measured 3 times. Got the same numbers. Needed .415 worth of shims to get in spec. So thats what i installed. Well i never double checked after install. MY SCREW UP Pulled it all out again and thats when i saw it was hitting. Since this slave is shot i decided to measure with a clamp holding it all the way back to the base. Did it a few times with different shim combinations and got it where it needs to be. I think wont know until new slave shows up. I also took the time to pull the gate cover off the trans and put it in all 6 gears by hand. All of which went in smooth. (With the assistance of a pair of vise grips to simulate the shifter) Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  9. No. Tob clearance is .115 Clutch was in for a month when this happened, was taken out and rebuilt.
  10. So, a few weeks back i went out with a few buddies racing and after a few burnouts my car wouldnt go into gear. Any gear. Shut the car off and you can row through gears like butter. Put it in gear and try to start it and it lurches forward. Fast forward. Pull trans. Install new slave. No dice. Pull again. Send clutch to mcleod for rebuild as it fused itself together. Get it back and reinstall. STILL cant get in gear. Tob clarence comes to .115 At this point im just gonna slap a th400 in it. Master doesnt seem to be leaking? Not sure where else to turn. Input and output shaft spin in unison. Drained fluid and no signs of anything metallic. Inspection plates were removed and no broken teeth on gears.
  11. Thats fine! I have to install the clutch still anyway so no worries Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  12. 😆 well let me know what shipping will be so i can paypal either of you the fees 😎
  13. as long as those dots are still visible idc! I just need something to use for a few *unsanctioned no prep* events coming up, and funds are short as I am paying off a driveshaft still.
  14. Sounds fair to me. Whats your zip? Probably be best to ship them right to my shop instead of my house. 14227 is my zip code. Buffalo ny
  15. Looking for a set of hoosiers. 28x10x17 for cheap. Half life quarter life. Whatever. Also, Im looking for 2 weld front runners. 17". i have 18s now and i believe 17s fit on the srt8s. Would be a straight trade. Black face chrome lip.