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  1. Thanks Guys, I'll let him know
  2. Hello all, Introduced myself in the Newbies forum but for a little background. I recently moved to WA from the UK and am a huge petrolhead, mainly for classic British cars (I have an MG B with a Buick V8) and until recently worked as a Development Engineer for Ford. I know a bit about Mopars but not a lot of in depth stuff so bear with me, but as I say I am an engineer so feel free to talk technical with me Basically my father in law has a custom hot rod. He is considering selling it to a friend who has wanted it for considerable time. He is now considering letting it go, along with his truck and buying a Challenger Hellcat. I will confess at the moment I don't know whether he would intend it to mainly be a garage queen like his hotrod, or if he would intend to use it more as a daily driver, which I know will affect your answers. I have done a little research, and of course know the basic specs of the Hellcat. Basically if he is just looking at replacing his current car with a nice Challenger then is the Hellcat worth the premium over a Scat-Pack or to a lesser extent, the 392? I know the main difference is the engine and power output, with externally the Skat-Pack Shaker and 392 looking similar to the Hellcat. I know this will divide opinions but would appreciate some information and practical experience of people who own each variety. I don't know yet, but this may be moot if he specifically wants the Hellcat because it's the Hellcat. However to get a Hellcat he has mentioned selling his truck too, and I'm thinking if he wasn't dead set on a Hellcat and would get a similar enjoyment out of one of the other two editions, he would be saving a premium of $15-$20,000 or so by my estimation which would allow him to keep his truck. Is the 700bhp of the Hellcat practical? By that I mean I understand there is a full power key and an approx 400bhp key, which to my mind if you are using the 400bhp key all the time, you might as well get a 485bhp Scat Pack/392? I look forward to your responses, thanks all in advance.