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  1. It took me a while to make a decision back in 2010-11 and there was at least one less choice as Whipple hadn't released anything. If I was sitting here today looking at the path of superchargers and ancillary stuff (gauges, axles, driveshaft, etc) I would be out shopping for a Hellcat.
  2. Took a couple of quick shots between the park gate and the track entrance. Next year I'm going to make sure I get there early, get set up, and then shoot the first hour or so from there... background is really good and I'm sure if I have a bit I can find and even better position/angle.
  3. Like the reflection down the track...
  4. Not a fan of pillar gauges either but after a lot of playing around finally figured out its about the only place I can readily see the gauges. The sun glass mount seemed awkward to me.
  5. I might wait to by the Hellcat after he improves it! Glad OK sold so now I can stop thinking about it.
  6. Reading this morning about Infiniti and a variable compression engine that will vary compression ratios from 8.0:1 to 14.0:1. Got me to thinking of all the possibilities with tuning if that turns out to actually work and be reliable. Interesting reading, apparently adds a lot of moving parts to the lower end, "along with three times the typical number of bearings" (in the lower end). http://blog.caranddriver.com/variable-compression-ratio-coming-to-new-infiniti-four-cylinder-turbo/
  7. Thanks guys. Every year I usually learn something I didn't like about the shots and then correct it next year. The ground rig worked great, really happy with the angle, need to work on the platform some.