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  1. Might have been a touch of photoshop involved in the SRT part
  2. Will smoking still be allowed at CF?
  3. I was wondering about the numbers... Friday evening it sure looked like there were more cars in the lot than the previous several years.
  4. I think my favorite place to shoot is actually the entrance way to the track...
  5. Images here as I get them edited... http://www.wesedens.com/challengerfest-9/ Greg:
  6. Going to try to figure out a good place close to the hotel to shoot some rolling shots for those that want them. Looking forward to it as usual.
  7. Booked room. Need to remember to get a list of car #'s and owners so April 16 when I get the, "did you get a pic of car, the black Challenger" I'll have some idea who it is Need to figure out a good location to shoot some car shots away from the track with a scenic sort of background. Open to ideas from those in that area.
  8. Nice! Same as Greg, if I won the lottery...
  9. I've been really off and on about watermarks. On the one hand I usually don't do it for money so don't get terribly concerned about usage. On the other hand, get a little irritated when someone takes my work and plays it off as being their own or uses it for their product line without so much as even asking. I think part of the problem is there is no perceived value in an image or photography in general. I've had people ask me to drive 100 miles so I can shoot their wedding shoot for no pay or even expense compensation and in return I'll get "the experience and be able to tell people I did it..." I've had people tell me that a picture "only takes a second" so why should they pay for it. I don't even bother to explain the post processing time, the $oftware involved, the $5,000+ in gear I'm toting around, and the 30+ years of experience to the equation that apparently has no intrinsic value.
  10. Normally I do, but they are easily removed with photoshop either removing them or cleverly cropping them out. If someone wants to take the image removing a watermark is about a 10 second deal. Happens to me all the time. In the case of the photo contest I was doing the guy a favor and by providing him with a large resolution suitable for printing for free and I don't put watermarks on those that are supposed to be for personal use/printing.
  11. It happens. Couple years ago one of my pictures won a $500 photo contest... problem was I had no idea it had been entered. The guy had asked me for a higher resolution image so he could print it for his personal use so I emailed him the image (no charge). He then entered it in the contest (and won) and then posted it for sale on several website. Another instance a company took one of my images, did a little photoshop work to remove my name, then used it to promote their car accessory line.