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  1. Interested in a original version of the ARS GT 500 tensioner. The newer version does not fit.
  2. Barely used ARS tensioner with 38# spring - Price- 300.00 6 rib Aluminum PS pump pulley. It’s used but looks good. Price - 75.00
  3. Price reduced to 2000.00
  4. Bogart Rims: 10x17 and 5x17 Hoosier Slicks: 28.0/10.0-17 M&H Racemaster: 4.5/26.0-17 Price is 2000.00 for everything Shipping?
  5. Do you remove the front sway bar? I'm thinking that this may help me a bit. Gonna give it a try once I get my car back. Recently went from a 6 rib to an 8 rib setup and also relocated my tensioner and added 3 more idler pulleys to get more belt wrap on all the major pulleys. Should be getting it back this week.
  6. There is a link in my edited post above that has the picture. It's my last post in that thread.
  7. https://www.lxforums.com/board/showthread.php?t=384950&referrerid=10955 Picture is in my last post. For some reason I can't get my picture small enough for it to allow me to post it.
  8. Relocated my belt tensioner to the upper passenger side of the block and it’s bolted to the bracket in the original location that the adjustable idler pulley was located Added 3 idler pulleys: between the crank and alternator, between the wp and ps pulley, and one just above the ac pulley Now all the major pulleys have at least 50% belt wrap. There should be no more belt slipping Also went from a 6 rib to 8 rib setup. The tensioner is from a 5.7 hemi and the reason we used that is because it applies tension in the opposite direction, as opposed to the others ( GT 500 and ARS) I’ve used. Hoping I can put this issue to rest once and for all. Trying to see if I can post a pic.
  9. Going to upgrade from a 6 rib to a 8 rib setup. Hoping that will cure some of my issues ( snapping belts and tensioner bouncing). I also recently increased the size of some of the idler pulleys to give me more belt wrap. Would like to make it to the track soon to see if I can pull off a 10.5 sec run.
  10. I talked to someone at whipple and he told me that I needed to order the 8 rib pulley made for the camaros because they have the same offset. Hope that's right because I already placed my order. I'm hoping that by upgrading to the 8 rib kit this will solve my belt issues ( snapped a gates green HD belt after only being on for maybe 6 months and 1,000 miles). Also still have some tensioner issues, but the GT 500 tensioner with the adapter plate has worked fairly well. Maybe with the new 8 rib kit my tensioner issues will also be solved too.
  11. Have you done anything to the suspension to get those 60' times?
  12. The plastic idler pulley adjacent to the water pump pulley is too narrow. I ordered a dayco steel pulley that's almost twice as wide and about the same circumference. I am also using the GT 500 tensioner with the adapter plate. That combo seems to be working pretty good. I'm not sure why the ARS tensioner did not work as well for me. Those tensioners (street and race version) have significant more spring pressure, so I can't explain the better results with the GT 500. Bruce
  13. Was your suspension pretty much stock?
  14. Made it to the track yesterday and finally put down some consistent times. Ran several 10.9x passes and a couple 10.8x passes. My best pass was a 10.82 @ 124 mph with a 1.57 60'. I had to put about 175 pounds in the trunk to get good traction and I had my slicks down to about 17 psi. I also had my stock rims/tires up front...wish I had my skinnies on. If I tried to go any lower on the pressure it got too squirrelley on the top end. I need some advice for what I can do to my suspension for a better launch. Currently I have lakewood 70/30 shocks up front with V6 springs. The rear is stock with the exception of solid cradle bushings. I'm sure track prep could of been better. My best pass to date was a 10.73 @ 128 mph with a 1.78 60'. That was about a month ago and I had my skinnies on with my slicks (about 18 psi) and about 75 pounds in the trunk. The outside tenp was probably about 10- 15 degrees cooler than my recent trip to the track. Just needing some tips on what I can do.
  15. I was able to completely disable the TC with the trinity. Not sure what the issue is. Is there any advantage of activating the TC after your burnout?