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  1. Maybe I could run it by the dealership where I bought it and sound like an idiot... "Uh, what trim level is this truck you sold me 2.5 years ago?"
  2. So in the past I've used Electromotive TECII and TECIII computers to do stand alone fuel injection tuning, and on my mustang I used Delta Force tuning software. I'm looking for some software/hardware that will allow me to do datalogs and adjust my tune on my Ram. What are people using, other than canned tunes or going to a dyno shop? There's got to be something out there... I just don't know what the options are. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  3. Yeah, it's got some goodies in it, but not all of them. I didn't opt for the power seats, trailer brake, or leather for the following reasons: 1. Only I drive my truck. Once the seat is in a position I like it, there's no need to move it. I haven't moved it since I bought the truck. 2. I already had a trailer brake controller and the harness to plug into the truck harness was only $30. 3. I don't like leather.
  4. This brings up a good question, because for the life of me I can't remember. What trim level would my truck be? It's the Quad Cab, all blacked out, upgraded sound system, tow package, limited slip, backup camera. I'm not sure what trim this would be considered. SLT?
  5. Thanks for the info man. I sent him a PM.
  6. How do I get in contact with hemi31?
  7. 6 speed. I've heard a lot about the potential issues with the 6 speed and, trust me, that is on my mind. I would love to find a shop that builds a beefier version of the 65RFE, or if someone could tell me what's involved, swap to a 66RFE or 68RFE.
  8. Guys, you know you can just use winter windshield wiper fluid, right? It does the same job. It has methanol in it to keep it from freezing. That's all I've ever used. Check out this MSDS. http://grimsleysinc.com/page_images/1370538335.pdf
  9. Your input is appreciated, but I'm not worried about a boost surge with the centri. I'm very familiar with all forms of forced induction and chose to go centri for price and controllability. If I had the coin I'd much sooner go turbo, but with the way in going to set up my waste gate I'm not worried about it at all. I'm not going to be using a traditional waste gate either. I'm actually going to be using one designed for airplanes. It will allow more precise control of the boost, and only feed it when I want it.
  10. Thanks for the input guys. I know there's more to be had with long tubes, but there's also a lot more to spend to get them. I figure with the Procharger, a set of shortys will be just fine. I'm not building a dragster. I'm just making my 4 door truck a bit more fun to drive and giving it a lil more ass to use for towing.
  11. So the thought came to my mind last night that perhaps I would install some shorty headers no my '14 Ram 5.7, BBK or similar. Does anyone run these? What are your opinions on running them. I'll be N/A for a little while, but Procharger D1SC with 7-9 lbs is in the works. This is a daily driver and I do not want to deal with long tubes. I don't want a loud truck, so much so that I'm almost opposed to doing a cat back. I like the nice quiet ride. Opinions? GO!
  12. Cam, I think you missed where I said I'm not going for big boost. I'm not using this truck to race. If I wanted a bucket full of power I'd go with a twin turbo setup on a built engine. This is just a mild add on for a daily driver. I have other vehicles that I play with to go fast.
  13. The Procharger kit comes with an intercooler. The water/meth is cheap insurance... and it works very well. I've used it in turbocharged V8 aircraft applications very successfully.
  14. Negatory, I have the 6 speed. The 8 speed was an option. Edit: I bought my truck in January of '14, so it's an early '14. Build date I'm sure is some time in late '13. I'm not going to go crazy with the boost. I'm going to use Prochargers bolt on kit with their tune. It puts out around 7-9 psi. It comes with the D1SC head unit which is capable of a lot more, but I like the tops of my pistons in one piece, so I'll keep it conservative for now. I'm also going to do a water/meth injection system that will activate around 3 psi. Some day down the road I'll probably build another short/long block with forged rods and slugs in it and then turn up the wick.