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  1. I'm using the stock one. Call KB and ask them. Likely they'll quite their website information but it'll give you something to go on if you decide you want to upgrade the system.
  2. Nice looking. The website link is not working anymore. Looks like they're all sold out. Curious what they cost and what weight they are?
  3. I've got a Solo Mach X exhaust for sale. Catback for the 6.1. It's stored in BFNY in Ohio currently. $400 pick up or add for shipping. Let me know if it's a fit.
  4. Amazing work guys. That blows my mind how dialed the car is.
  5. I've got a brand new convertor for a TH400 in the box. I abandoned my conversion and never listed this yet. It's currently sitting in the trunk of the car at BFNY while Erik finishes working on it. ProTorque Revolution 30 spline. It's built tough for big horsepower. Also got a B&M StealthRatchet with the button. Matt
  6. That's great. Rear wheel drive beating a hybrid 4 wheel drive 2.4 second 0-60 and 10 second quarter mile hypercar!
  7. Oh my god! This is terrible. My heart goes out to Ken.
  8. Nice find Greg. Picked one up Matt
  9. Worked fairly well for me. Sold it thought once went solid cradle!
  10. This is still for sale. $400 lets get it sold. MK
  11. Mounted mine with suction cups. Stays put when you need it and a quick swipe with a credit card and it pops off for the clean show car look.
  12. Sold sold sold!
  13. Thanks Guy, I really appreciate it. If I wasn't moving to the other side of the country this would be in the car already. And Linda, you keep showing us how to do it!
  14. For sale Complete TH 400 conversion: Rossler built TH400w/trans brake, built with big drum, will handle up to 1000hp.(exc condition, oil changed very frequently) Reid SFI case and bell housing , Lokar dipstick tube, dipstick and plug. ProTorque converter flashed to 4500 at 550hp, to 5500 at 750hp. ATI crank adapter/spacer and flexplate, ATI overflow tank, Precision Shaft Technologies carbon fiber driveshaft (pro mod quality and strength), custom built (True Street Performance) cross-member with driveshaft loop and trans mount. $5000. plus shipping or pickup Located at True Street Performance in Long Island. Shift pattern is P-R-N-1-2-3 This is the transmission from Guys car which I bought last winter and shipped to New York. It's still on the shipping pallet at AJ's. I'm going to keep the slush box in the car so this needs a new home. I'm asking 5K which is less than what I paid and worth much more. Guy was meticulous in his upkeep of this including changing the fluid before each race weekend. It was not used on the street and he believed it to have very few miles on it. I will try and get some pictures posted. Thanks, Matt