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  1. Bad idea, this cam has not been a good performer. If you want a cam aim 5.7 specific cam from a good vendor
  2. Already have a one peice aluminum drive shaft from DSS. Going to pick up a Getrag ASAP
  3. Do more research, you will find the 6.4 cam in the 5.7 has terrible reviews for the most part from those that actually race, instead of those that brag about racing
  4. Eric told me can’t get the shift points above 5800 with the stock tranny. So at this point it’s my limiting factor. I’m trying to save up for a tranny now ( and rear ) so I can up the boost and also get better shift points
  5. Picked the car up this morning! Holy cow what a day what a day!!! So just a summary; forged 392, stock 5.7 eagle heads, HellCat cam, with the 2650 Edelbrock huffin & puffin 6 little psi with the typical support mods, 90mm THrottle body, LMI intake and SRT headers & mids with a Corsa Sport catback....586rwhp & 593 rwtq, through the stock auto 5 speed and converter, let alone stock open diff 3:06 rear. Can’t even get the Car to rev past 5650rpm or it would make more. But this was enough to make a friends TrackHawk land behind me 3 times in a row ( not from a dig, rolling ).On one run I gave him the hit and reeled him in!! I’m holding the car back with the stock tranny and the low boost and Eric is mad at me for it!! When I can get the funds strait I’m coming back to up the boost....originally I was going to stop at say 8-10 psi...To Hell with that, I’m going strait to the tippy top next round!!! Boost is addictive!!!!! But yes I am very very happy with the numbers even though low, it’s obvious the potential is there if I could let Eric bring it out. I’m making about 70rwhp & 100+ rwtq more than I was with the stock motor at 8-9 PSI!!! I am so amazed the stick heads are not the huge limit I thought they may end up being, of course I’m sure there is more there but just adding the 392 and a Little HellCat cam really brought forth potential I can actually touch and feel. Thank you Eric and the A2 Speed crew!!! You guys are making my dreams come true here and I can’t thank you enough!! Drivability is much better than with the stock shortblock, don’t really know why but I’ll take it. Much smoother and the little part throttle laggy thing is no where as intrusive as before. I’m excited to see how it goes as the engine breaks in more!!
  6. You won, I watched the vid...you plainly said you did win.
  7. And the bonuses keep adding up!!
  8. Really nice, been fantasizing about one for a long time. I had an SS Trailblazer back in the day and not going to lie, to this day one of my favorite vehicles ever, these look like an awesome replacement.
  9. Best of luck bro, I really hope this gets you strait. You don’t deserve anymore problems.
  10. So let’s hear about the Jeep, what’s the review? Good and bads??
  11. http:// Almost ready....really almost!!
  12. http:// Pretty
  13. Lmao! I see what you did there! They are busy busy, guess that’s a good thing for our platforms, more busy they are, the more enthusiast there must be which leads to more aftermarket support. I’m keeping a positive attitude while I wait!
  14. Well, it’s next weekend and unfortunately been pushed back again to next weekend again....so looking forward to next weekend....again! Happy to keep everyone updated, really amazed at the huge amount of interest! Have a good weekend!
  15. So not this weekend but next weekend I should be picking up my ride after a long wait! I’m very excited to see it again and actually hear it run with a fresh abeit larger motor. Also be nice piece of mind knowing it can withstand boost pressures much more than it will endure for some time to come. *Now to worry about the tranny!!