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  1. Oh, me? I'm still waiting on a driveshaft!
  2. So you had first hand experience with it, so good review I assume?
  3. My bad, I actually called them ( QA1) and they told me they were still working on it, it's the Eibach pro kit I was thinking of. From what I've read it eliminates the hop to a minimum, even the "street" version. There is also Hotchkis kits available too, but I haven't read up on what they offer in the kits, I know they (Hotchkis) made a name for themselves back in the day especially in the import scene and at one time they were the go too if you owned a FoxBody Mustang. I would think wider tires/rims would help out a lot with the issue too? I do have a question, why does this plaque the 6 speed so much more than the auto? Same suspension, only difference is driveline... I actually called the companies direct to see what they had to say about the kits, prob more sales than real info, but the person I spoke with told me it would eliminate wheel hop dramatically...which from what's offered in the kit I could see it really helping.
  4. Well a bandage aids in stoping the bleeding bro. Though I've heard It doesn't cure it completely, Ive heard from several it helps tremendously, which if the company won't contact you I can see that being an issue too...if it won't contact you to make money, doubt he will be there for you in any other case either. Your next option is QA1, I've heard thier Challenger suspension kits eliminate it also, thier advertising package even has me convinced to get it for my auto! But it's expensive too...and about the other brands fight, I can tell you first hand Mustangs fight it tooth and nail after a certain power level..don't know about Camaro, but I have a 2010 SS we are going to start playing with next year, I'll find out, but I imagine I'll be there too. At your power level, and considering your issues in the past, I'd recommend checking out the QA1 package and consider biting the proverbial financial bullet. Check it out and let me know what you do actually think about it.
  5. What about a hop not kit?
  6. I've resolved to wait it out...I'm on the list for DSS...
  7. Bro thanks a bunch, I sent him a message, right when you posted it! .isnt he a member here also??
  8. Well bro, I hear ya..and I'm trying to get theirs first...but a month is a little more than I care to wait for a driveshaft if I don't have to, would suck.
  9. DSS is out 3-4 weeks out it would seem, and so far can't find a vendor with one in stock. 2013 RT auto. Eric is calling G-Force tomorrow. If anyone has a line on one please let me know!
  10. HC for street & Drag Pak for track!
  11. I seen that too, wonder how accurate it would be from that point. I thought there was a considerable delay reading from the ODB.
  12. I'm also amazed at how some can get things to survive for so long and it's seems like I can destroy these same items with no effort. I've seen countless run many 1/4 passes on the stock axles, rear and driveshaft with the same or more hp with no issues. I guess I just drive aggressively...probably incorrectly *For the record, I didn't order the driveshaft until I was sure the coupler was destroyed. I've read there is no issue with pronounced vibration or noise from the revised versions of the DSS 1 piece...I'm hoping not ?
  13. Seen this on the other forum. I like the new style and it doesn't look as cheap to me...but one thing that bothers me, you have to use their AFR sensors now and you can't adapt to use your current ones, that's seriously sucks. Also have to let them transfer your tunes from the OG to this one if you "upgrade". Oh and there are 3 different models now; 1) Only monitors, 2) Only box tunes no custom 3) Does it all ( Platnium)
  14. Hey Speedy no offense meant about the HC comment, I'd honestly weighed the decision about just going to a HC myself. And even though I do believe they are awesome and are definitely one of the best bang for the buck performance wise, it's actually a very smart choice when it comes right down to it logically.... When I'm at the track, or even the car show...it's the modded sub models I find the coolest, have the most..character and charm..if that makes since? I see and know the investment there, not just monetary investment either...there's more, in sure you know what I mean..
  15. Yeah and that was what I was going to do, but Eric at A2 had the ability to get the car. I didnt really want it to keep sitting at the shop night after night until th weather cleared enough to do it. And since he already picked up for me, might as well go ahead and solve the issue permanently