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  1. Factory backseat delete??
  2. Not as good as you are in Hawaii!!!
  3. He is auto with a HC shortblock, ported 5.7 heads and custom cam....Magnson blower, boost level unknown and I think he has an SHR tranny
  4. The meat and potatoes of the decision, how long will the T/A keep you happy? If like most, about as long as your R/T did. Same goes for the blower, but then you build the motor then you have a blower and a 392 if you want....meat and potatoes....how much power is it going to take to keep you happy for the long haul? How fast you want to go? How much you willing ( or capable) to spend. If you go T/A and it’s not enough then your back to posting about supercharging it in the future. See my point? Got to try and answer those questions as honestly as possible. I knew if I couldn’t get a HC, then I need to keep and build the RT...I was ( am ) completely happy with the car other than the power, so in went the blower now the motor...and the wheels on the short bus go round and round!!
  5. So cool!
  6. Sold 7 years ago per the 3rd post above yours. Better luck this decade!
  7. Appreciate all the help I’ve received along the way, thank you all

  8. Awesome runs! Congrats! What’s your current mod list and what tires did you used, what was your 60’?
  9. Yeah I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what it will do like this, i know it’s not all out and I’m leaving a lot on the table but Im really interested in what something like this can achieve just how much is modern manufacturers heads leaving out
  10. Well....not so reassuring with swap ideas....guess doing a 9”DSS swap is about the only answer or GForce.
  11. So new update!! Someone said...there will never be enough!!?? Well..... So A2 Speed is now working on a forged 392 to drop in my car!!! I am just too excited to even think straight! Going to use a HellCat cam, unfortunately sticking with my stock 5.7 heads...I say unfortunately and I do know I will be missing power but I’m also really curious about what the outcome will be with this combination. The stock eagles flow really well on the intake, they only suffer on exhaust. I’m thinking this is going to translate into a lot of low end torque of course trading of high rpm HP. We will see! I know I’ve heard of a few builds using the HellCat cam, but haven’t found any track or even dyno numbers. I know the cam won’t hold back power, I’ve seen 800+ with a HellCat cam. Going to be a shock going from blown 5.7 to blown and cammed ( little ) 6.4!! I can’t wait. Hopefully it’ll be done in time for the Rockingham event...even if not I’m still going to support Grandpa!
  12. Maybe HellCat swap, isn’t it considerably more durable? I don’t think you’ll even be able to purchase anything used in the Demon at this time
  13. I’d sing to it too! Happy B-Day!
  14. Spare Getrag?
  15. I’m actually thinking about doing a 392 build using the HC cam now