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  1. Made it down to Fayetteville track Sunday, with the 22” rims on Nitto 420s all I could muster was some sad 2.1 60’ and high 12s. Still had a blast, gotta get some different rims and tires ASAP! With the 60’ I was getting which were very inconsistent ( 2.1-2.6) with the same being trap speeds (105-109) I’m all over the map, I can’t even guess what it’s capable of (!) (?) but again I did have a ball all the same! Will try again very soon, just not sure if I can get rims and tires before my next venture...***Anyone want or know someone interested, will trade basically brand new 22” staggered ( 9”fronts/10.5 rears ) XOs for some more track ( and street ) friendly setup..let me know!!!
  2. Damn bro, you can’t seem to catch a break with this. No answers for you, just giving you some support, it’ll be worth it in the long run. Keep strong!
  3. There’s no doubt the HC cam is a good blower cam, but haven’t heard anyone trying it in a 5.7, with that said cost vs gain, personally don’t see it worth doing the cam...why not just wait until you forge the bottom end then add the cam at the same time, saving $ and guesses. Food for thought
  4. If I had a 21k trade in value, damned if a HellCat wouldn’t be on the menu especially if I’d been considering supercharging the later vehicle...just saying
  5. They look great!!! Where did you locate these? Are they replicas or the real deal ( assuming real deal! ) ? Any spacers required?
  6. Hey I'll check that out, thanks!!
  7. Eric was kind enough to let me pick up yesterday, on a Sunday! The drive back was wonderful, wife in her SS lead the way.....most of the time...but the car drove smooth as silk. I actually like the way the DSS drive shaft makes the car feel...more direct and smoother. I swear it seems smoother than before. There is a little metallic hollow sound time to time at low speed, it seriously nothing all that noticeable nor annoying. The ride into work this morning was an enjoyable smooth ride, akin to a GT car. I do feel as the car is much smoother feeling now. I'm happy to have her back! And again A2 Speed has been nothing but awesome to deal with, they have honestly went out of their way to help me and look out for me, it's almost like I'm part of the team, great feeling to know someone has your back and is there for you! Thanks again A2 team! A2 Speed has some really cool R&D going on Eric was kind enough to show me, really cool future coming our way in the Mopar community! Now I'm going to peddle my pennies back some more for a tranny and rear...and SB...and...Lol
  8. When the blue pill is delayed...
  9. That's torque to brag about there! Hopefully those 305 will apply that torque to the tarmac for you at CF!!
  10. Haven't picked up any axles yet, but keeping an eye out...thanks for keeping an eye out for me! And by race me, you mean show the personalized license plate on your car I'm assuming!! I do need to talk to you about your SHR though!!
  11. What about BG vs the new Edelbrocks?
  12. Yay!! Car is ready for pick up again!! Going this weekend, taking bets on how long it last before I break something again!! I am going to concentrate on a tranny next! My GoFundMe page has zero hits, what gives! Thanks again to A2 Speed!!!
  13. Damn, look at the roads, there is snow and they decide to race!? Wtf...regardless hope the Challenger driver makes it and honestly hope the police don't find out the driver of the Charger, one young life may end up being lost, there is no reason the law should ruin the life of the other child I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson here.
  14. I'm pretty damn sure that's what I've got on my RT...it's at A2 so I can't just walk out and look but I'll see if Eric can look for me and I'll update you here. My car is stock suspension **He just text me back** front: 265/35/R22 rear: 295/30/R22
  15. Possible, do you have a BAP ?