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  1. XO Luxury X229 http://
  2. Thanks Eric for explaining the dyno info, really appreciate that. I want those interested in the 2650 to see what it'll actually do for them and definitely want to see how it stacks up to the current systems available. **It did sound better with that massive amount of torque!! But the car is quick and really fun so I'm happy and of course it's only a matter of time before more is done to up the ante..I'm actually super excited to see what this kit will do when the boost is turned up on a good bottom end! Just got back from WV with the car. It did flawlessly up and back! A real pleasure to drive. So the Rock will be an easy trip! Greg I'm going to get the final date locked in for Rockingham, hoping you can make it...so far we will have a HellCat and a ZL1 coming with us! Thank you for helping out with the DRs and showing me the ropes getting these Challengers down the 1/4! And again thank you to Eric and the A2 Speed crew!!! I know the 22s give up a lot...but damn they looks so good on there! Fills in the fenders without lowering the car. But I'm prob going to eventually trade these off if I can find a set of 20 x 10s or 10.5 like the current staggered 22s ( 22 x 9 front 22 x 10.5 rears ) ***You would be surprised actually how well the car hooks up with the Nitto 10.5 rears...I'm actually really impressed...best 0-60 3:45 secs 11:6s would tickle me fancy!!!
  3. Looking good...on a side note, the "Hemi" takes up some room doesn't it!
  4. You mean you won't sell your 8k kit for $5500 and ship it for free too??!! Gosh I need that Paramount something bad...$1000 shipped!!?? Seriously I got to see what I can do about that, I'll try to get this right and give you a call.
  5. I would think if it would have made more with higher RPMs they would have done it and posted the numbers...I mean they would want to advertise the kit as much as possible especially if being a new product to the market. Not sure why it wouldn't make more hp higher in the tach..not enough head flow?
  6. So you made 34 more hp and I made 13 more tq....i have a slightly larger blower, and slightly smaller motor. All things considering, in comparison makes since.
  7. It's a good question, I'll ask Eric which I'm sure when they can catch up they will prob respond themselves with an answer. What does everyone think about the numbers this build made compared to the other systems?? I really didn't expect this high of numbers especially torque.***The power is more linear than I expected also, almost ( not really but don't know how else to explain it ) like a centrifugal. On a side note, the car is running freaking amazing. I'm getting used to it and better at using the new power daily. It shows no mercy for the 10.5 Nitto out back without pedal modulation! Embarrassed a Scat owner yesterday, one of those that doesn't know anything about cars just thought it was faster than everything because it had a bigger motor....beautiful ride though and sounded great, but it was an 8 car length event, which apparently deflated his ego as he would no longer even speak to me, and he was the one talking smack to begin with. Back to the car, it drives great..still has a very very light amount of light switch or hesitation right at 0 vacuum, but nothing obtrusive or obnoxious, and honestly barely noticeable for the most part. Being a speed density car I'm assuming this to be the norm. ***Hopefully someone will introduce an electronic bypass to completely obsolve this soon!!*** But I'm really happy with the outcome. Hitting Rockingham next month for test and tune 1/4 to see where it is. Would love to see mid 11s
  8. 528rwhp and 586rwtq under 5k rpm
  9. I'm assuming that's peak and started falling off past that point?
  10. http:// http://http:// Hope this helps
  11. Here's the dyno vid of my car at A2 Speed.
  12. What a day!! We left real early and made the trip up th A2, picked up Delilah which ran silky smooth otw back, I mean almost stock...until boost awoken the evil within! Well, we rushed back toward our home actually passing the house to Decon Jones in Smithfield N.C so we could pick up my wife's new ride...a mint fully loaded 2010 2SS with get this...only 8100 miles on the odometer!!! We just made it home and we are going to bed and sleep off some of this exhaustion!! Till the morn!! http://
  13. Haven't forgotten about you, I'll be sure to get a pic posted when I get back home. Sitting here waiting to get ready to head that way and pick up the car, doing some reflection! I've went full circle with this adventure! I went from wanting a KB, to Whipple, absolutely shunned Edelbrock and Maggie, then to KB can suck it, to damn Whipple I'll take the Maggie or Edelbrock! **What a roller coaster**
  14. Guys I'm really wanting to run some drag radials down the 1/4...I thought I could beat around the bush for awhile..I may end up having to for awhile depending, but I just can't get it out of my head...I want to see what kind of times it'll run now. ***Myself and a few others have plans to hit Rockingham next month before weather starts getting too cold around here ( I want to see how I fair against my friends stock HellCat, yeah I know I'm still the under dog, but I'm curious on how far away I'll be!!?? ) So what's my best ( IE, cheapest ) option to survive on drag radials and a prepped track with my new found power increase & If I upgrade the rear/axles do I need to be concerned with the A5 too? ***Havent even picked the car up yet and it's 5am...and this is what's on my mind...WTF is wrong with me!!**
  15. Grasping straws honestly here, but clutch safety switch? Isn't there a electrical switch that engages when you push in the clutch to allow power to the starter for safety...so you don't hop the car forward by accidentally not having the clutch engaged, clutch engagement switch...something like this?