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  1. Really!! A missing bolt!! You mean to tell me we (as in you) got grounded last weekend due to a damn bolt!! I knew it, I started to take that jack and get under the car, I just freaking knew it....damn...well at least your up and at it with little pain in the end. A damned missing bolt..
  2. Amazing woman, have no clue how she does it!! Cherish her! Congrats and enjoy the time!
  3. Repost
  4. Lmao!!! The Rock claimed some blood for sure, the track prep seemed real good. I was surprised Friday at how many runs were available. It really sucked not having mine but I know it was eating GG up with his car sitting on the sidelines while we watched run after run. When mine is back home and ready for action, I’m going to take a trip back to the Rock for a few passes, I normally go to Fayetteville Dragway for their 1/4, but after my decade plus absent they have upgraded the Rock substantially, on track anyways. The pavement looked good and had some bite! Greg I’m expecting you to come me down and teach me some things when I do make that trip!!
  5. So I had heard ( limited too, but fairly reliable source ) the new owner said during an interview he would honor Arrington warranties for motors that qualified. But with that said it was told three customers ar trying to have warranty work done and the new owner is telling them sorry but Arrington no longer exists and they aren’t responsible for the warranty liability, basically refusing honoring warranty. There may be reasons for the claim denial. I hope Ive been misinformed, really would suck to be one of those customers. So from my understanding, the northern company purchased the name, inventory and website. Everything else was sold or auctioned off and there is no work being performed in the old location or under the Arrington name. Shop Hemi is still running, and I checked, motors are still being sold via the site. Now I only followed through a motor order to a point through the website to see if it would stop the transaction, which is limited, but appears you can still purchase an “Arrington” build. Wonder what happended with all that equipment, lots of nice ( and expensive) stuff in that warehouse!!! Id love to know what the story is, if “Arrington” motors will still be an option or not. I already have a shortblock in the works, so I don’t need them, but I still hate to see them roll out. It’s just less Mopar enthusiasts have as an option, we definitely don’t need less. Especially now, as it was seeming the aftermarket was starting to show some interest in Mopar products, don’t want that to slow but rather increase.
  6. Up north or VA location (old place) ?
  7. Hmmm damn...wonder if these are applicable to my 2013....I gotta do some googlefu and get back, I may definitely want these!
  8. Hated to see it end so fast this weekend, but still enjoyed the visit. And always ready to help GG, anytime...goes for all of you, need help at the lanes, let me know! Had to cut out as GG knows the details. But I’d have to agree with Speedy on this, throw another Rag in and see how it goes. See a bunch of guys running long term with nothing more, especially in an auto that doesn’t have hop issues like the shifty guys.
  9. Replace I’m afraid. Ive heard some disturbing info about the new owner of Arrington and warranty, sad really.
  10. Oooh, Going to be an interesting weekend!!
  11. So far a 50/50 review! One of those things that make you go Hmmm
  12. So I got the right info on this, you had the wavetrac installed along with the 3:55 into the stock housing ( 3:06 open diff )? I need to check into this, I was under the impression there were no upgrades for a direct swap with the stock rear for us Auto owners.
  13. It’s a big deal to me!! Lol!! I do race mine and now I got to spend more $
  14. Yeah I was about to post the bad news, glad they are refunding you. Keep an eye out for deals on the forums and EBay...best bet is like G said and hit the yards. I’m in the same boat needing to upgrade too. Stupid Mopar using an open diff in an RT just because its auto!!???!!! It’s the faster of the two tranny options for crying out loud.
  15. Lol! It happens, best way is to make it about a must have thing! Good luck
  16. So what’s the decision Mike?
  17. Factory backseat delete??
  18. Not as good as you are in Hawaii!!!
  19. He is auto with a HC shortblock, ported 5.7 heads and custom cam....Magnson blower, boost level unknown and I think he has an SHR tranny
  20. The meat and potatoes of the decision, how long will the T/A keep you happy? If like most, about as long as your R/T did. Same goes for the blower, but then you build the motor then you have a blower and a 392 if you want....meat and potatoes....how much power is it going to take to keep you happy for the long haul? How fast you want to go? How much you willing ( or capable) to spend. If you go T/A and it’s not enough then your back to posting about supercharging it in the future. See my point? Got to try and answer those questions as honestly as possible. I knew if I couldn’t get a HC, then I need to keep and build the RT...I was ( am ) completely happy with the car other than the power, so in went the blower now the motor...and the wheels on the short bus go round and round!!
  21. So with my new found power I'd like to upgrade the brakes, it sucks going fast and not being able to slow down! Yeah it would be nice to score a big brake kit from Baer but I'm on a budget here! So I was thinking of trying to find a wrecked SRT for donor brakes. I'll buy some aftermarket rotors and pads, also upgrade to SS brake lines... my questions; 1) my RT is a 2013, do I need to source a 392 brake kit or can I do the 6.1..which would be more or if compatible 2) What all do I need to get to make the swap, can I just do calipers and bolt on and go? Spindles, knuckles? 3) While I'm jerking stuff off, of possible would it be beneficial to grab the front and rear sway bars ( if a scat pak, how about the shocks and springs?) **I know my aftermarket wheels will clear, already checked that out! I've already found a few donors but it would seem they are coated in gold, in other words it may be more cost effective to invest in a big brake kit...people want a lot of jack for wrecked, dogged SRTs and Scats...so I may end up just buying SS line and better pads, calling it a day until I can fund a serious kit. ***With that said, I'll say from what I can tell the stock brakes aren't bad, are they AMG brakes? Or Mercedes provided at least? Come on Dodge, the SS Camaro comes with Brembos and so does the Mustang GT! Why is the RT the red headed stepchild of Mopars line up? Motor Trend didn't even do a review on a regular RT, it's always a Scat or SRT...oh yeah, it can't compete with the others...well not stock!! **My plans for increasing handling is front strut brace, and full length subframe connectors. Going to hold off on lowering springs until I'm sure I can find some that don't effect ride quality and gaff up steering angles ( wear out tires ). Coil overs, from what I've heard repeatedly decrease ride quality a lot and also make a lot of noise...anyone have first hand want to voice thier experience...please! Thanks in advance for the info!
  22. So cool!
  23. Sold 7 years ago per the 3rd post above yours. Better luck this decade!
  24. Appreciate all the help I’ve received along the way, thank you all