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  1. When the blue pill is delayed...
  2. That's torque to brag about there! Hopefully those 305 will apply that torque to the tarmac for you at CF!!
  3. Haven't picked up any axles yet, but keeping an eye out...thanks for keeping an eye out for me! And by race me, you mean show the personalized license plate on your car I'm assuming!! I do need to talk to you about your SHR though!!
  4. What about BG vs the new Edelbrocks?
  5. Yay!! Car is ready for pick up again!! Going this weekend, taking bets on how long it last before I break something again!! I am going to concentrate on a tranny next! My GoFundMe page has zero hits, what gives! Thanks again to A2 Speed!!!
  6. Damn, look at the roads, there is snow and they decide to race!? Wtf...regardless hope the Challenger driver makes it and honestly hope the police don't find out the driver of the Charger, one young life may end up being lost, there is no reason the law should ruin the life of the other child I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson here.
  7. I'm pretty damn sure that's what I've got on my RT...it's at A2 so I can't just walk out and look but I'll see if Eric can look for me and I'll update you here. My car is stock suspension **He just text me back** front: 265/35/R22 rear: 295/30/R22
  8. Possible, do you have a BAP ?
  9. I see you already replaced the fuse, I'd check for power to pumps...possible PCM failure..any mods?
  10. You don't hear the pump prime? Check the fuse for the fuel pump. Your saying it will rotate the motor but not crank right?
  11. Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  12. Awesome stuff, way to stick to it! Yeah I always heard and seen others be told it was pretty much impossible or cost prohibitive, but from what you've done, basically just need a donor car and pull some parts not too much of a hassle ( now that you figured it out for the rest of us, thanks for that! ) Hell of a Job! Merry Christmas
  13. More than just a simple tranny swap of the old days I see...that's a bummer. I was hoping one day I might convert mine over. So from what I'm understanding, with the wiring system different between manual & auto, you had to add wiring for the PCM...like the safety switch wiring and (?). You replaced the auto PCM with a stick "model" with your VIN added just missing these wiring additions? Please bare with me trying to understand how you had to go about this and exactly what the problem is...if you replaced the PCM and had your vin programmed in ( who did that, dealer? ) you would need a tune for the blower...instead of converting the current tune..why not just have the car custom tuned.
  14. Going to reserve room this coming Friday !
  15. Blower of your choice
  16. Wow, I don't think Ive heard of anyone else doing a tranny conversion on these cars yet! How did that go? And Bravo! In regards to the question, I would personally purchase an open/unlocked performance PCM from Mopar or whoever, then take my car to a reputable tuner like A2,Bfny, OST etc....
  17. That's terrible...
  18. I want a set of those!
  19. I'm telling her YOU said that!!
  20. Yeah man, it could be worse...no way I'd like to enjoy that problem you had there or anything like it! Just me complaining about 1st world easy problems, Hell I don't even have to install it when it gets here/there, A2 is handling that...so..yeah, just miss it. My daily driver at this time is a Toyota Rav 4 or a Nissan Sentra..the wife allows me to drive her SS Camaro on the weekends....yes, she giggles at this whole deal and I catch many a jab below the proverbial belt.
  21. Does anyone know if the Demon comes from the factory with a solid one piece considering its sole reason of existence is 1/4 passes? If it does, wouldn't it be a bolt in for the HC?
  22. I've discovered breaking stuff sucks, really does....Yet waiting on replacement stuff that you broke, sucks even more...basically it's all full of suck...just so everyone knows...it sucks...that is all. I keep imagining a order slip with my name on it buried under a bunch of other order invoices sitting on a desk in the back of a lightly lite room in the very back of DSS office. The room is damp and may only be lite by one almost burnt out candle. Spider webs in every corner yet no spider. Possible an antique bird cage in the corner with the door open and only a feather remains, that the color has been drained away from it laying in the bottom covered by dust and said spider webs...with no spiders. Old vehicle repair manuals laying everywhere in no order covered in dust and grease, a few laying open on the corner of the desk, a last reminder of an emergency repair made on an old Vega. It's safe to say I maybe be going insane...
  23. Nope, need a driveshaft!
  24. Oh, me? I'm still waiting on a driveshaft!