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  1. Factory backseat delete??
  2. Not as good as you are in Hawaii!!!
  3. He is auto with a HC shortblock, ported 5.7 heads and custom cam....Magnson blower, boost level unknown and I think he has an SHR tranny
  4. The meat and potatoes of the decision, how long will the T/A keep you happy? If like most, about as long as your R/T did. Same goes for the blower, but then you build the motor then you have a blower and a 392 if you want....meat and potatoes....how much power is it going to take to keep you happy for the long haul? How fast you want to go? How much you willing ( or capable) to spend. If you go T/A and it’s not enough then your back to posting about supercharging it in the future. See my point? Got to try and answer those questions as honestly as possible. I knew if I couldn’t get a HC, then I need to keep and build the RT...I was ( am ) completely happy with the car other than the power, so in went the blower now the motor...and the wheels on the short bus go round and round!!
  5. So with my new found power I'd like to upgrade the brakes, it sucks going fast and not being able to slow down! Yeah it would be nice to score a big brake kit from Baer but I'm on a budget here! So I was thinking of trying to find a wrecked SRT for donor brakes. I'll buy some aftermarket rotors and pads, also upgrade to SS brake lines... my questions; 1) my RT is a 2013, do I need to source a 392 brake kit or can I do the 6.1..which would be more or if compatible 2) What all do I need to get to make the swap, can I just do calipers and bolt on and go? Spindles, knuckles? 3) While I'm jerking stuff off, of possible would it be beneficial to grab the front and rear sway bars ( if a scat pak, how about the shocks and springs?) **I know my aftermarket wheels will clear, already checked that out! I've already found a few donors but it would seem they are coated in gold, in other words it may be more cost effective to invest in a big brake kit...people want a lot of jack for wrecked, dogged SRTs and Scats...so I may end up just buying SS line and better pads, calling it a day until I can fund a serious kit. ***With that said, I'll say from what I can tell the stock brakes aren't bad, are they AMG brakes? Or Mercedes provided at least? Come on Dodge, the SS Camaro comes with Brembos and so does the Mustang GT! Why is the RT the red headed stepchild of Mopars line up? Motor Trend didn't even do a review on a regular RT, it's always a Scat or SRT...oh yeah, it can't compete with the others...well not stock!! **My plans for increasing handling is front strut brace, and full length subframe connectors. Going to hold off on lowering springs until I'm sure I can find some that don't effect ride quality and gaff up steering angles ( wear out tires ). Coil overs, from what I've heard repeatedly decrease ride quality a lot and also make a lot of noise...anyone have first hand want to voice thier experience...please! Thanks in advance for the info!
  6. So cool!
  7. Sold 7 years ago per the 3rd post above yours. Better luck this decade!
  8. Appreciate all the help I’ve received along the way, thank you all

  9. Awesome runs! Congrats! What’s your current mod list and what tires did you used, what was your 60’?
  10. Yeah I’m excited! Can’t wait to see what it will do like this, i know it’s not all out and I’m leaving a lot on the table but Im really interested in what something like this can achieve just how much is modern manufacturers heads leaving out
  11. Well it's finally going to happen, I've got my ducks lined up and within the next 3 months I should be dropping off my 2013 at Steve Whites for a blower install and long tubes. Luke there has been great to deal with and answered all my retarded questions...like many of you guys have in the past! Now I'm at the point of trying to decide which PD I'm going to go with....I've read and read, watched vid after vid, and I'm as close to a decision as I was last month.... I've been debating between the 2.8 LC KB, or the 2.9 Whipple.....honestly the Maggie isn't exactly out of the equation. Speedy has proven the Maggie can do some impressive performance, but I remember him saying if he had it to again he would have went Whipple ( that's still true? ). So my future plans are not going to be crazy, when the motor is forged ( auto replaced ) I'm not planning on hunting 9's...it's going to be a fun car to "play" with. With that in my head the Maggie seems like prob the easiest and smartest choice from what I understand the driving characteristics are the best and is easiest to tune....but the allure to a twin screw and potential I hear for the Whipple and KB is hard to ignore...I don't want to be wishing I'd made a different choice in a couple years. I get the impression the KB is of course an awesome PD but it's aimed more for the hardcore, is the Whipple that mid ground between the Maggie and KB? I read a lot of iAT concerns with the KB ( also read customer service problems there too ). The info I found between Whipple and KB is distorted by arguments and generalized...can you guys give me your thoughts on what someone like me would be more suited with? Current aim is around 500 rwhp, after forging 700 rwhp....better yet, i don't care about dyno numbers only ETs...current aim is high 11s ( I'm hoping I can get high 11s, is that dreaming?) after forging 10s...
  12. Well....not so reassuring with swap ideas....guess doing a 9”DSS swap is about the only answer or GForce.
  13. So new update!! Someone said...there will never be enough!!?? Well..... So A2 Speed is now working on a forged 392 to drop in my car!!! I am just too excited to even think straight! Going to use a HellCat cam, unfortunately sticking with my stock 5.7 heads...I say unfortunately and I do know I will be missing power but I’m also really curious about what the outcome will be with this combination. The stock eagles flow really well on the intake, they only suffer on exhaust. I’m thinking this is going to translate into a lot of low end torque of course trading of high rpm HP. We will see! I know I’ve heard of a few builds using the HellCat cam, but haven’t found any track or even dyno numbers. I know the cam won’t hold back power, I’ve seen 800+ with a HellCat cam. Going to be a shock going from blown 5.7 to blown and cammed ( little ) 6.4!! I can’t wait. Hopefully it’ll be done in time for the Rockingham event...even if not I’m still going to support Grandpa!
  14. Maybe HellCat swap, isn’t it considerably more durable? I don’t think you’ll even be able to purchase anything used in the Demon at this time
  15. I’d sing to it too! Happy B-Day!
  16. Spare Getrag?
  17. I’m actually thinking about doing a 392 build using the HC cam now
  18. Left the slip in the car ( at A2 In VA ) but it was a best of 12:48 I think @109 with a 2.0-2.1 60’....sad I know.... I know G, I need DRs to run it’s best time...but I’d like to see what it can do right off the street. But I most definitely want us to get to the Rock and really put the juice to it!
  19. Update. Dropped the car back off last Saturday to A2. Couldn’t pass inspections, kept failing due to “not ready” status for the O2 and catalyst. Also ran into the issue of leaning out in high rpms again for some reason. Not sure why this keeps coming up. Will be fine for a bit and it pops it’s little ugly head up again. Sold the 22” rims to a friend and got a set of 20” classics for now on the car. When it comes back home I’m going to get the inspection done of course, pop a fresh set of tires on and take a trip back to Fayetteville drag strip to see what my 1/4 will be with the smaller rims. Hopefully I can drop the ugly 60’ too! Not going to lie, little embarrassing running those times with the car last trip, hopefully I’ll get better at driving the car. I know ultimately I need DRs to get a real time but I’m hoping I can get low 12s or even high 11s with street tires....***What do you all think, is it possible, 11s on 20” streets???
  20. So it was only $1250 not $2500 for the cam....not rape, it was more a dinner date but ended with blue balls
  21. Any updates?
  22. Notice much improvement? Been eyeing the upper control arms for a bit.
  23. Good luck, it’s not a bad price, just hard to sell modded cars. Folks are either afraid they are buying someone’s problem or they want their own mod packages. Last project I sold I took a near 50% loss. Wish you all the best, it’s a beauty
  24. Ha! Last Kitty I ran into had trouble passing me ( like it was a struggle ), I’d love to see this race between you two!! I’ll cover 20% of that $5.00 wager!!
  25. Damn I want a 1.6 60’ lol!!