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  1. I really do enjoy watching your vids. I’ve watched them all, some multiple times
  2. All you have to do to get stuff you want is beg for it!!??? All this time I’ve been working my ass off for it all....
  3. Excellent color!!! Big Congrats
  4. Hate to see the era pass
  5. Yeah man what a mess! Doing this to any car is a risk, and especially with Mopars it would seem sometimes.... but the reward mostly removes all the stings of the past!! Good luck and keep us posted!!
  6. I can relate to the sentiment, really can. We all have had our challenges which wouldn’t have been a challenge if we had chosen a different brand. Again Mopar has a way of alienating its fans/customers. Thank you for the info all the same
  7. What do you guys normally run for your blower coolant? Anyone tried water wetter before? Street and track suggestions welcomed just let me know which!
  8. I know for a fact they do indeed fit but honestly can’t tell you what’s needed, I think you have to modify the intake a bit. My suggestion would be search for someone that has done the install and get with them directly before purchasing the kit as it might be better to purchase one kit over the other ( IE: tuner vs street kit ). But again I know it can be done, seen it more than once. Good luck with the build
  9. I thought they still ran intercoolers, what air to air? How has your experience with the Pro been so far? If memory serves me you had a Screw at one time right? How they compare in the fun factor with these cars?
  10. As many blown cars in this forum and I get one reply to this? No one else has a recommendation?
  11. I’ve heard methanol is bad for the head unit too. I found that company Interchiller, that sells a system similar to the Demons air conditioning/blower cooler system. It’s pricey but not as much as expected. These Roots style blowers do heat soak noticeably, and considering I’ve been daily driving I was hoping there was a product that was better than just regular coolant.
  12. Haven’t ever ran Toyo but I’ll agree with Greg about the BFs that’s what I ran on both my Jeep and my Trailblazer, did great off road, on road and in rain.
  13. Damn catless mids are expensive, jeez. Keeping an eye out for used ones as SD has a good point about the inspection issues....don’t what to deal with that fiasco ever again.:..I still got to go back to court this coming Wednesday and show my inspection and tags so they will drop the citation
  14. Ok I need everyone advice. So to bring everyone up to speed, now my little RT is something to play with! I’m rolling a forged 392 with Hell Cat cam, Edelbrock 2650, LMI, 90mm Throttle body, injectors and bigger pump...this last item is what I need advice with. I’m running SRT headers, mids and Corsa Sport catback. Now I want my car to be non obnoxious, one of my top priorities was not to have a repeat of my last build...the Fox mustang my wife and I had to yell to communicate with each other...even at idle. The rub here is the car doesn’t even sound as good as a stock SRT 392. Maybe it’s just me but it really hasn’t got much pizazz! So my thoughts, go to extremes, or go long tubes. Really don’t want obnoxiously loud, just a little more idle and putting around sound. What’s your advice? I will say it’s gotten better since the motor has broken in some and the Corsa Sport has gots some miles on it. I honestly can’t brelieve it doesn’t sound no louder than a stock SRT, which sounds absolutely amazing by the way. Now when I go full tilt, it sounds great, but idle is kinda sad ( over exaggerating ) for a muscle car! Damn mustangs sound awesome stock, along with the SRT ( Scat, T/A, Daytona, Hell Cat and of course Demon ).
  15. Theres no way Greg could keep up with me running from any explosions!!
  16. Good name!! Mine is Delilah...I’ve always named my project cars, tradition for me.
  17. Agreed with everything you had to say except the Redeye selling more than the HC. The 10k more for the Redeye could be added to the HC and you end up with more HP and a faster ride with a lower payment. Just my thoughts. Dodge does have a habit of alienating its fan base. They seem to do everything they can to keep us from modifying the lower bases while trying to “force” us to “upgrade” to their versions of modified Challengers. Even seem to make it hard on the aftermarket to produce parts for their cars, serving to disinterest the potential companies that can help us modify.
  18. A2 Speed solved my issue with mine showing “not ready”. You can drive a thousand miles and it won’t make any difference until someone does what they did. If you figure something else out I’d love to know what it was/is that’s causes this.
  19. Turn the boost up!!
  20. Savage, I sold the Fox about 12 years ago when my wife told me she was pregnant. At the time it had a forged 306 with AFR heads and custom nitrous cam, 200 NX kit, Tremec 3550, and 9” rear. She was a blast, and so much fun. But she was also loud, very very loud. Even at idle we had to communicate with force in our voices..no need for a radio or CD player. Driving to the track wasn’t too bad but on the way back when your tired, hot and ready to shower and take a nap that snarling fire spitting sounded more like a pounding roar in your head. Technology has come a long way since those days, and now I have 600 rwhp I can barely hear!! Lol, 1st world problems.
  21. I woke up this morning looking for a direction in my life, thank you so much I now know what I must do
  22. Martinsville, VA. also have my 2013 VVT 5.7
  23. I’d bank you need a performance TCM or yours reflashed to match your current build.
  24. Word! ( Old man translation) Yes my Goodman, absolutely. Very astute of you, thank you old chap!