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R/T Rick

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  1. For a 2011 Challenger RT 5.7 Thanks
  2. I have a set of SLP loudmouths off of my Challenger. I went straight pipes from the cat back with an x-pipe so my SLP's are for sale.
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys.
  4. Has anyone put one of these cams in their 5.7? If so what were your gains and were you able to use your factory valve springs?
  5. Thanks
  6. Can you just buy the ring and pinion gear set and have them installed in to your factory rearend on a 2011 challenger? Thanks
  7. Thanks, I recently bought the car. I checked underneath my car and I have high flow cats so I'm leaving them on.
  8. Thanks, I sent him a PM
  9. Will this tuner work for a 2011 challenger R/T?
  10. Thanks Sounds like both of you are set on the trinity. I'll see what I can get one for. Thank you guys.
  11. Does the Diablosport intune I2 do the same thing with shift points and firmness? Looks like the trinity had the mini Christmas tree for 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times
  12. Do you know ball park HP gains with my mods with that tuner?
  13. Whats a good tuner for the Challenger R/T? SCT or Diablo? I'm currently running exhaust and a cold air intake and I plan to get a cam installed down the road. Thanks