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  1. My wife and I make jokes about this. When we are in my Challenger only guys look at the car, when we are in her Mini Cooper S only women look at it.... Incidentally a car will not get you anything..... but if you want to drive a car that women like, sorry to say a Challenger is not it. ;-)
  2. 3.06 Open Diff with axles (Non-Getrag) - Pulled out of my '12 Challenger R/T with 32K miles. $100 - Buyer pays shipping. Parts currently in Jacksonville, Fl.
  3. Looking for a set of 11-14' Getrag compatible axles - Mopar part numbers# 68080383AA & 68080384AA Let me know what you got!
  4. Nice.... Looking forward to hearing about the results. :-) I am contemplating this shortblock swap for my R/T but I plan on running N2O not boost. Hence my persistent questions about compression ration. ;-)
  5. Hey what did you compression ration end up at with the Eagle heads?
  6. I am interested in the NX Remote Bottle Opener. Tried to P.M. you but your inbox is probably full.
  7. Micah, I though the Apache heads on a 5.7 would require notching the block?
  8. Seriously, eagle heads will work on the HC shortblock? I am just starting to research going this route on my 5.7 car as well. I am not planning on going boosted but plan on spraying all the N2O with a HC shortblock.... I will be following this thread and looking forward to hearing how this goes.....
  9. Quite a few people do and have lived to tell the tale. Though I am prepared if that happens as well.
  10. So here is my current set up: '12 5.7 with custom tune, headers, catless mids, 85MM TB port matched to intake and 150HP plate system. Planning my next steps and looking for some info from those who have more knowledge than me. On the upcoming agenda will be a custom ground cam profiled for running N2O, either a 6.1 intake or the upcoming Edelbrock Victor Jr. and I have been thinking of doing some ported heads. Here is my question at stock displacement will the ported heads be worth the expense? This is an auto car so the head will have to come off for the cam install anyway so that is why I am contemplating doing them at the same time, though if it isn't going to be a big enough gain I may wait until I do the bottom end. Eventually I do plan to do a stroker once I get to 60k-ish miles so that will be about a year and a half out unless something breaks before then. This is my first N2O build and I am just trying to gather a little more information as I start to put together my build list.
  11. 2012 5.7 factory throttle body. Removed at 20K miles. $50 shipped CONUS.
  12. Complete 6.4 airbox assembly. Airbox SOLD
  13. If this is accurate, I will probably grab this whole set up as soon as it is available.... good news...