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  1. If you're just going to boost a stock engine, ring gap for the increased temps. will not be enough. Many failures occur when stock rings fully compress then expand in the cylinder and break the top ring land on pistons. Some have seen good results with combining a water/meth kit to help with cooling.
  2. I'm running on 285's all around with Conti. Extreme Contact Sport's and really happy with the looks and performance. Many people go wider but 285 is technically the "safe" limit for 9.5" wheels.
  3. I still see Arrington parts available on their web site. Are they still offering parts or are these phantom pages that have just not been taken down yet?
  4. Cool, thanks funk. They just do the OBD here with no visual too. I've heard the smell becomes more obvious. Is it just around the back of the car? Hopefully no smell inside.
  5. I have to clarify that it's not mine. Just a spy shot
  6. ^^^ Does that also go for nitrous? Wondering if it burns them up.
  7. Arrived at a local dealership today. Paint looks better than normal. Are these rolling off a new paint line?
  8. Thanks guys! My gut was telling me the same thing. No guarantee he'll be around come test time and I'd like to know for sure that the day I pick it up, the build will pass emissions. The builder is a perfectionist which I appreciate but I'll have to insist on this one. On a side note, what do you think about maybe going to high flow cats? Or not worth the bang for the buck.
  9. I have a 2015 SRT 392, A8. My engine builder for an N.A. 426 stroker build wants to go cat delete along with the addition of Kooks Headers. Does a cat delete improve the HP that much or is it a "purest" piece of the best complete build puzzle? We have to pass emissions here and the builder says he is happy to put cats back on and take it to the testing station himself when the time comes. If it contributes to the whole package, I guess I'm up for it. He does all of his own in house dyno tuning.
  10. Interesting Youtube vid....
  11. I have a friend with a ceramic coat and she still gets water spots if rained on and not immediately wiped off. How's your experience been?
  12. Any chance we can just get weekly updates?
  13. ^^^ Interesting. I hope they have the passion and skill required to build/tune modified MOPAR engines. These aint your daddy's 350 engines.
  14. Awesome! That's exactly what I want except would prefer hyper-black wheels and silver stripes like my current 392 but know that can be done later. Congrats!
  15. Just installed this kit in a couple of hours. Goes in real easy and now pulls outside air from everywhere! Not only from the new hood scoop snorkel but also the wheel well and new headlight port. Intake temps appear similar to my old K&N Typhoon CAI but feel better having a sealed intake setup now. While in there, I also popped the passenger side headlight port cover for a little more air to the engine bay.