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  1. http://uglycarpictures.com/wait-here-while-i-rob-this-liquor-store/
  2. Here is another one, it's a green Charger and it's ugly: http://uglycarpictures.com/the-lean-green-machine/
  3. How about putting "Charger" on the side of you Charger to let everyone know what kind of car you have: http://uglycarpictures.com/i-need-everyone-to-know-my-car-is-a-charger/
  4. Check it out, what a moron: http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-dodge-magnum/
  5. Here is another ugly Magnum, it's pink: http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-pink-dodge-magnum/
  6. My first post. I wanted to share some ugly Mopar pictures that have been submitted to my site. I though you guys would like these. Hopefully none of you are the owner of these http://uglycarpictures.com/ugly-dodge-charger/ http://uglycarpictures.com/deadly-dodge-magnum/