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  1. I have one. P.m. me
  2. I have a new set of kooks LTs with kooks catted mids. But its all brand new. Same as charger/challenger? Or magnum specific?
  3. Sounds good
  4. Where are you located?
  5. Looking for an ATI flexplate and harmonic balancer. For hemi. I think its the same for all, but going on 6.4
  6. Got the cam specs?
  7. ! Oops. Can a mod move this?
  8. 408 stroker Fully assembled long block. Heads, valve covers, oil pan (all covers), intake and throttle body. Has all sensors as well. 6.0 litre LQ4 built for ls1 camaro Eagle crank Wiseco -3cc pistons Callies compstar rods 6.125 Ported snd shimmed LS6 oil pump Double roller timing set Texas Speed and Performance cnc port & polished LS3 heads ARP- head studs, main studs and rod bolts Cam is 230 intake,242 exhaust, .610 intake .600 exhaust on 114lsa Compression is 11:1 or 11:3. I'll have to double check. But head gaskets alone can easily lower the compression. Will sale fully assembled with ls3 intake and 92mmTB. Engine made 484rwhp when dyno tuned. Was built for nitrous but never went that route. Block has under 2000 miles. Heads have less than 1000. Has been babied. $4500. If you are in TX, i might be willing to deliver for the right price. I have so many extras for this engine/car. -Performabuilt stage 2 4l60e with stall converter - FAST 102 intake and TB -ATI balancer -Kooks headers -MSD coils -QA1 adjustable shocks -awesome houndstooth upholstered seats for camaro -ls1 is going back in the car to sell it. P.m. or text (210)three25-4615 Please, only text if serious.
  9. I'll take the catch can. P.m'd you on the procharger too. Lmk
  10. Sent you a p.m.
  11. Water wont hurt the teflon. It'll definitely need the oil changed.
  12. P.m. a price on each- Pushrods Head gaskets and bolts