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  1. I thought they were a dyno place. Do they build engines?
  2. I like grief - I am ready for the challenge, and I like doing things different Plus, to me a Hellcat blower looks better, and I have the space.
  3. Here is a question, Could Thitek heads be re-drilled for a Hellcat pattern?
  4. Thanks! I will look him up.
  5. Who? . I am kind of new here
  6. How about some adapters to go from a Thitek or srt 392 head to a Hellcat blower? Say for instance you had a nice set of Thiteks and a Hellcat blower laying around..... I know that I can buy hellcat heads but I have already invested in Thiteks and they are too nice not to use. Also, I may have found a Hellcat blower and man what a combination that would be for my Scout project!!
  7. Th400, Dana 60's front and rear- transfer case unknown at this point.
  8. Well I figure I am going to get this magnuson blower. I would like to change the case to the other style, got to get a price on that one. So will this engine go toe to toe with a hellcat for power? Less blower for sure but more cubes and better heads.
  9. Thanks guys If someone was to really push a Hellcat block- not that I will, but I wonder how much it would take before it pops?
  10. So a few of you know of my project with a Hellcat block, and as I contemplate how to build it my attention has come to billet main caps for the bottom end. At what point should the stock powdered metal caps be replaced with regular steel units? My engine will be supercharged, 410 cubic inches, and has Thitek heads so it should make some good power. Thanks for any help!
  11. I can get the magnuson new, unused in a box for $2,500. Don't know what psi kit it is though. How much can you get out of one of these? Lets put it this way, if I can make more steam than a hellcat I will be happy!
  12. Thanks- don't know if I would need that much power - what would a magnuson do for this engine? I can get one locally for a song.
  13. I am putting together an International Scout and will be putting a Gen III hemi into it. I don't have everything I need yet, but let me give you a list of what I have and maybe I can get some suggestions on how to finish it: New Hellcat Bare Block Thitek 1.65" valve heads Manley pro series rods- 300m material Manley platinum pistons Molnar 3.900 crankshaft As is sits now, this will make 410 cubes and 10.7:1 compression. I plan on using the Mopar plug and play ecu kit for older cars. I need to know what to get to finish this off. Keep it N/A, or super/turbocharge? With the right cam, what should this make N/A? What could it make if it was blown? Will it need main cap studs? Thank you to anyone who cares to help answer!
  14. Don, I am sending a pm your way
  15. 1977 International Scout I read where Diablosport helped out with the Gas Monkey Dart, so I thought they could do the same for this.