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  1. very nice and thank you for posting...this is the exact setup i want for my R/T. I was originally thinking 20x9s all around from Voxx, but saw the Factory Reproductions and decided I'm going to do staggered like this. The guy from Factory Reproductions insisted that I wont have any clearance problems with my car (2009 R/T at stock ride height) if I run the setup you have so I'm going to pull the trigger here real soon. These pics only make me more excited! Did you have any issues with clearance or anything?
  2. I cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone so I should have just asked this here first...but I'm looking to put a set of 20x9 Demon replica wheels on my 2009 R/T (which currently has the OEM 20" chrome clads on it). From what I can gather, the stockers have a 24mm offset and the wheels I'm looking at have 20mm offset. I'm at stock ride height. The only thing I have done is the HopNot kit which is good for up to 275 width tires which work good with my 17" drag radials, but these demon replicas would just be for everyday driving. Will I need spacers? Can I run 275 width tires up front or would it be wise to stagger (say 245 or 255 up front and 275 in the rear to ensure the fronts dont rub)? Here are the wheels in question...I know they are just knockoff replicas, but these are .5" thinner than the Factory Reproductions models which are at 20x9.5 and I figured I would need the space to ensure fitment. If i'm wrong please someone correct me...I'm a little clueless sometimes https://www.performanceplustire.com/buy-wheels-online/voxx-replicas/voxx-replicas-hellcat/ws:20x9/
  3. Yes sir. I am not dropping the clutch however...I'm slipping it quite a bit and quickly. Here is an in car video: Thanks toofart!
  4. new PB for me over this past weekend! here are some cool launch shots my buddy took:
  5. Finally got my 12's! Took your suggestions and wrung the gears out a little longer, so thanks to all that chimed in! Backed it up with two other 12.9xx runs today. 60': 1.788 330': 5.31 1/8 et: 8.22 1/8 mph: 85.02 1000 et: 10.74 1000 mph: 97.38 1/4 et: 12.877 1/4 mph: 106.21 DA was below 50!
  6. thanks Chris! 1st - 2nd: 5672rpms 2nd - 3rd: 5588rpms 3rd - 4th: 5400rpms so yeah, i guess i could try to hold on a little longer...i just assumed that if the car isnt making any more power i should shift. i'll see what happens Saturday...
  7. after reviewing my logs looks like I let off the gas to shift into 4th at around 5400rpms which caused the revs to spike up to 6197rpms(during the whole shift process) then down to 3720rpms when I was back to WOT and clutch was fully out.
  8. i'll have to look at my data log for that run to see what RPM I shifted at...duh, dont know why I didnt think of that.
  9. Thanks for the analysis! I am not running skinnies up front, just stock 20" chrome clads. Good eye on the shift to 4th. I didn't realize that. I'll try holding on to 3rd longer if I make it out Saturday.
  10. finally got back out to a full 1/4 drag strip this past Sunday after a few years of just doing 1/8mi flashlight drags and no way to measure my times. got a total of 15 runs in at Keystone outside of Pittsburgh. weather was nice...about 55-60 degrees with the DA hovering around and below 1000 so I was expecting to run a new PB which I did. I was hoping to get into the 12s but the best I could manage was 13.027 @ 105. my previous PB was 13.5@104 before exhaust work and dyno tune and that was run a few years ago. since i'm having problems uploading the timeslip here is the data: 60': 1.79 330': 5.37 1/8 ET: 8.32 1/8 MPH: 83.03 1000 ET: 10.87 1000 MPH: 96.30 1/4 ET: 13.027 1/4 MPH: 105.66 here is a gopro vid of me driving so you can pick apart what i'm doing wrong ;-) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkuIkpbFMWE another thing to note: the right lane was giving me better ETs and lower trap speed(105 mph) vs the left lane was trapping me at 108 mph but worse ETs consistently (13.1s). i know that not powershifting is probably hurting my ET by a couple tenths too. i was trying to launch around 3000-3500 rpms and shift around 5800rpms since my car stops making power around then all i have done to the car (09 R/T 6speed with 3.92 rear) is: -SRT shorty headers/SRT mids/SRT MBRP -Stack bullet fender pull CAI -tstat -dyno tune from OST -17" M&H racemasters on mustang wheels trying to get back out there one last time this Saturday for their test n tune and would really like to hit 12.9xx thanks for looking and any honest criticism you can give!
  11. thanks for the response guys! hmmm, i cant remember what RPM i was at the last time I went...I do know I had to shift into 4th near the end of the 1/4.
  12. so how much slower will i get using a 29" drag radial (MT Street R's 305/45-18 mounted to Bravada rims) vs my current drag radials (M&H Race masters 275/50-17 mounted to cheap cobra replicas)? i have an 09 6-speed R/T with the 3.92 rear end. I know my half shafts would be at risk so i'd have to upgrade those too. i feel the 275s are too skinny and I am breaking traction with them. my stock tires are 28.7" in diameter, the MT's claim to be 29" and the M&H's claim to be 28" tall. I got a few opinions already, but looking for more. you guys are my go-to for serious numbers crunching drag racing info. thanks for the help!
  13. A friend of mine is selling a set of 18x10 Bravado rims with MT Street ET 305/45-18 drag radials off his hellcat that he sold and he's willing to let them go to me for $400. They have 2 passes on them. I know that's a good deal but I'm wondering if it's worth it to pick them up for my R/T 6speed. I have all the basic power bolt ons, a Dyno tune from OST, full SRT exhaust, full hopnot kit and currently use 17" cobra replica wheels with race master 275/50s which work good for my application. I know I'd have to get spacers for his wheels to work with my hopnot kit but are 305s overkill for my car? Would the diameter kill my launch? I do plan on adding a cam down the road and who knows what else. So I'll take all suggestions, but I'd like to move on this quick if it's worth it. Thanks!
  14. nice Chris, I'm jealous I'll never be able to shift my R/T quick enough to catch you good job man!
  15. i am leaning towards the throw out bearing too, but i would think it would do it every time i pull away from a stop or any other time i have to slip the clutch for a "grandma-smooth" takeoff in normal driving. on the way home from work yesterday, i was purposely trying to make it happen so i could try and describe it better but i only got it to do it a few times, and that was slipping/riding the clutch more than i would do normally. i'm beginning to think my OCD was just up a couple levels and i'm worrying about a non-issue here. I'll just replace the throw out bearing down the road with the clutch when the time comes. i'm still going to check the inspection plate the next time the car is up in the air and i really appreciate all the input from everyone!