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  1. Hello everyone and thanks for taking a look at my ad. For your consideration is my 2009 R/T 6spd that in April 2014, I had Arrington Performance install a 392 Stroker (forged everything) with a 428 cam and a Magnuson Supercharger. In addition it also has SLP Headers, Electronic cutouts (for when you want to be loud) and Magnaflow exhaust, a Hurst shifter, EBC rotors and pads, and reupholstered leather seats. The Dino at Arrington rated it at 556hp and 518tq, Arrington DID put a pretty conservative tune on this so city driving is not a problem. Motor was put in at 47,777. Vehicle just rolled over 63kmi (January 2017). I actually am willing to sell this, which is why I am asking $21,500 for the whole set up. That being said, if all you're looking to do is pm and ask if the car's still for sale, the answer is yes if the ad is still up. Dreamers: don't waste your, or my time. I've been toying with the idea of selling this car for three years now and I've had to entertain offer after offer by folks that probably had no intention of actually purchasing this car. Heated leather, sunroof, premium sound and STP are the options I remember off the top of my head, I never needed to memorize the standard features and options, because I have saved the window sticker from the day I picked this thing up from the dealership. I also have all the associated paperwork that came from Arrington Performance. Fresh oil change with Mobile-1 (15w50 as specified in Arrington's supplement for the engine), and new EBC Rotors and YellowStuff Pads all around on 10 March 2015. New Katzkin Tangerine leather on the seat centers. One caveat is that I do not wish to be offered low ball offers or trades. Please believe, I have truly taken care of this car, I just want to see it go to the right home. Again, I'm asking $21,500. That is obo, I do want to sell this and I believe that is reflected in the asking price. Thank You. David.