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  1. Thanks, I was always a blue or silver guy but once I saw the red in person it was a done deal. Same with the wife and her Durango. She fought me on the color till I took her to the dealer to see it.
  2. Awesome!!!! The boxes are great, unfortunately there aren't any around my area in my color.
  3. Did you pull the trigger yet Chuck? I picked mine up this afternoon. So happy to be driving a Cummins again I should've pulled the trigger last time instead of settling for the 5.7. I absolutely love this color looks dark in the shade and bright and deep in the sun.
  4. Lmao it's all Mani's fault.
  5. They're definitly hard to resist, I've been holding back because mine was paid off then you got me looking again Dodge owes you some commission . You're probably right about the ride quality I only had the one 1500 and I remember it was better but I came from an 07 2500 which is a tank compared to the new trucks, also my 13 2500 has the old style front end in it so that's probably a bad comparison as well. I only drove the new one a few miles but it seemed a bit better then mine and that's with 800lb heavier springs in it and only 9 miles on it so things are still a bit stiff. I've been looking at Thuren Fabrication springs and shocks vs just a leveling kit. Supposedly his springs are pretty good vs the stiff stock springs.
  6. I've always had 2500's until I went to a 1500 in 2010. The ride was way better but I felt like I was going to break the truck towing equipment around with it. I went back to a 2500 in 13 but I talked myself out of the Cummins and got the 5.7, it towed OK but nothing like the Cummins. After seeing Mani's new truck I started looking at trucks again and I just bought one this morning. 17 3500 larime sport with the Cummins and aisin transmission. I can't wait to tow with this torque monster. 900ft lbs of torque is crazy. The Cummins in my Kenworth dump truck only has 1550ft lbs. I say go for it the only regret will be the ride around town but once you hook up the trailer it'll be more then worth it. This isn't mine but it's the same truck. I pick it up Saturday after they finish the spray in bed liner.
  7. Awesome!!!! Congrats.
  8. So sad!!! This has been a very bad year. Prayers to Linda Kate and family.
  9. Awesome work and driving!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. So very sad. Great loss to our community. Such a nice person hope Ken is going to be ok.
  11. Nice truck!!!
  12. I have a set. Took them out of my 2010 at about 2,000 miles. $100 plus shipping sound OK?
  13. Giving this a bump for a good cause. Hope Tommy is doing ok.
  14. Andy is awesome for sure. Great prices and support.
  15. Call Andy at East Coast Moparts http://www.eastcoastmoparts.com/dodge/challenger/68066177aa/2011-year/srt8-trim/6-4l-v8-gas-engine/electrical-cat/starter-scat/?part_name=starter