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  1. Looking for a video of my burnout for the contest if anyone has one they can share or email me.
  2. I have a set of the Black Vapor Chrome wheels off my 2014 300 SRT I think Im going to get rid of. Not alot of storage space right now. 2 of the tires have relatively new(1500 miles at most) Conti DW's 275/40r20s, the other 2 have have a Goodyear RSA 245/45r20 & a Pirelli 275/40r20 with some tread life left. The Pirelli does have a patch with in the tread section. 2 of the wheels have a small blemish/chip where it looks like some one nicked them putting tires on, maybe the size of the tip of a thumb nail. Located in Baltimore, Md. Willing to ship at buyers expense. $1300 plus shipping on the wheels & tires
  3. Thanks for the info Cam
  4. Not sure if this is even possible. So Im 6'3" & Ive got a 2014 300 SRT with the sun roof & I'd like to know if there is a lower/shorter seat bracket so I can get some more head room. Has anyone done something like this or has anyone thats pulled the seats is the even room for seat to mount lower? Hell even an inch would be great
  5. PayPal sent sir