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  1. Fucking JD Power...here's how they judge things. So if someone finds the Uconnect/MyGig confusing..it's a mark down. AC doesn't blow cold enough? Mark down. Heater not warm enough? Mark Down. HVAC controls confusing? Mark Down. HVAC controls not intuitive enough? Mark down. Navigation confusing? Mark down. Navigation slow? Mark down. It's not just big stuff like rear end failures, dropped valves, shredded synchros...etc..it's cars not being able to account for dumb as shit people who like to bitch.
  2. Hey all, I know Discount Tire is a direct vendor with TSW. Has anyone gone to them and confirmed they can get something like the TSW Nurburgring or the Interlagos custom drilled to the 5X115 bolt pattern. I'm planning on getting a base R/T with 18"'s as a start to my project and wanted to get larger wheels and wider rubber to help with traction and clear the Baer BBK. Thanks!
  3. I'm curious what the smallest CC the combustion chamber will be...stock the Eagle 5.7's run at 10.5:1 compression..even bumping them up to 11:1 with a smaller chamber would help a bit while not causing an issue.