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  1. Can we get tickets through the mail if we're not in KY?
  2. If it is a 'Cuda, it would just be history repeating itself. When the '70 Barracuda came out, everyone thought it looked like a '69 Camaro.
  3. See??? If you'd had a catch can you'd know where the oil went.... (Sorry... couldn't help myself.)
  4. But what happens if the airbag deploys and you have that hunk of metal shoved into your face at high velocity?
  5. "Challenger." Yeah, right. The only thing that's "Challenger" about that car is the stickers on the front and back ends. Otherwise it's identical to the NASCAR Nationwide "Impala," "Mustang," and "Camry." They should have to take the "S" out of NASCAR because there's nothing remotely "stock" about anything they race any more.
  6. They're killing the Caravan (which, by the way, was the coolest name for a car-based minivan - Car-a-Van) because of model duplication in the showroom and replacing it with a(nother) crossover. CJDR dealers currently have the following crossover/SUV models: Compass Patriot Liberty Journey Grand Cherokee Durango I'm no marketing expert, but it would seem they already have that (very overcrowded) market segment covered. Replacing the Caravan with yet another crossover doesn't make sense.
  7. I like the look. The '72 Barracuda I used to own had a black vinyl top, so it looks right to me. Did you notice the license plate? "NO SRNDR"
  8. Thanks, but I'm not asking for myself. This is strictly a rhetorical question to see what everyone would do and get some discussion going on what gives the best bang for limited bucks.
  9. If you had $500 for modifications (including labor, if any) and this was all you could ever spend on mods, what would you spend it on? Would you go for something appearance-related or try to get the most bang for your bucks performance-wise? What would your shopping list look like?
  10. From the album Tail of the Dragon

  11. From the album Tail of the Dragon

  12. From the album Tail of the Dragon

  13. From the album Tail of the Dragon

  14. From the album Tail of the Dragon

  15. From the album Tail of the Dragon