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  1. Maybe in the Charger platform, but the Challenger had to get a floorplan revision for 2015 to fit the 8-speed. It's one heck of a bellhousing.
  2. So just a thought after all of this; I don't think I would trust a Hellcat on a trailer dyno.
  3. http://blogs.cars.com/kickingtires/2014/08/chasing-112-we-take-the-challenger-srt-hellcat-to-the-strip.html 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat at Great Lakes Dragway in Wisconsin. 60ft - 1.86 1/8 - 7.45 1/4 - 11.43 MPH - 122.59 Stock Pirelli PZero Summer Tires.
  4. And indeed you can! It's like having your own Diablosport Programmer built in the car, except you can adjust the drive modes on the fly. Funny fact: there's an ECO mode, hahaha. Check out 5:40 in the video below.
  5. Or they could have both keys in the car, and just switch the engine mode from 500 to 700hp at the press of a button.
  6. Damn, K&N is already putting a filter on it and is claiming +40hp?!?
  7. Nice! I'm not in a rush. I pick up the plates on Friday so that's the first step, although, I'll still keep tradition and take the Hellcat to the track with the dealer plates still intact!
  8. So can we use the attached PDF to place an order?
  9. Compiled by ResumeSpeed 7/18/2014Hellcat MSRP (Invoice) Base MSRP $57,895 ($54,559) Destination $995 ($995) GG Tax $1700 ($1700) (Auto) GG Tax $2100 ($2100) (Manual) Options:8-SPD AUTO HP90 $1995 ($1776) 275/40ZR20 TIRES $395 ($352) (Summer High Performance Tires) BLACK SATIN HOOD $995 ($886) ENGINE BLOCK HEATER $95 ($85) FRONT LICENSE PLATE BRACKET N/CPOWER SUNROOF $1195 ($1064) RED SEAT BELTS $95 ($85) (n/a with Black/Sepia interior) UCONNECT 8.4AN $695 ($619) Seats:PREM LEATHER TRIMMED BUCKET SEATS (Standard) (Black or Black/Ruby Red) HIGH PERF. LAGUNA LEATHER SEATS $1795 ($1598) (Black/Sepia) Exterior colors:B5 BLUE PEARL COAT (PQD) (with black seats only) N/C (Late Availability) BILLET SILVER METALLIC CLEAR (PSC) COAT N/C BRIGHT WHITE CLEAR COAT (PW7) N/C GRANITE CRYSTAL MET. CLEAR (PAU) COAT N/C IVORY WHITE TRI-COAT PEARL (PWD) $500 ($445) JAZZ BLUE PEARL COAT (PBX) N/C PHANTOM BLACK TRI-COAT PEARL (PXT) $500 ($445) PITCH BLACK CLEAR COAT (PX8) N/C REDLINE RED TRI-COAT PEARL (PRY) $500 ($445) (Late Availability) SUBLIME PEARL COAT (PFB) N/C (Black interior only) TORRED CLEAR COAT (PR3) N/C
  10. crap, I set myself up for that one, haha.
  11. I wonder if the cost of the transmission will be included in the base price.
  12. So I'm considering a supercharger upgrade for a 2012 SRT but I'm concerned about the transmission being able to handle the additional power. What modification to the NAG1 would I have to do to be in the safe margin?
  13. Camaro ZL1, hehe all kidding aside, it would be nice to see a 426 or a supercharged ??? in the Challenger from the factory.
  14. Unless it's a really aggressive cam and other than sound, how would California be able to "test" if you have a different camshaft? Even so, the O2 sensors would still be working. CARB is an excuse to make more money. It's really hard to tell that I'm even running a camshaft in my setup.
  15. Speedlogix (ironically, it is very similar, if not the same as the Razor's Edge Strut Brace)