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  1. I find this thread VERY interesting. I am also about to jump into the supercharger lake so the Whipple vs E-Force vs Maggie discussion is timely. Seems like the race first people prefer the Whipple but the street first crew leans towards the Maggie and E-Force. Maybe I need to go back to researching the E-Force/Maggie option as I was full leaning Whipple until this thread.
  2. I like the look of the gauges but they just won't fit in the budget right now. I am planning to do the LC-2 to hook to the Trinity this year and maybe add full gauges next year with more fun money.
  3. Wow I really like that install. Very clean!
  4. ROFL. That is awesome!
  5. Trying to pull al the coin together I can for the Whipple... How much is the stock 6.1 intake worth?
  6. That is an interesting thought BayouTigress. Can you post a picture of the screen you are talking about as I am having trouble visualizing. I guess it comes down to the level of importance of knowing the A/F number during normal operation. Is it something I will need to actively monitor at all times or just during tuning??
  7. Thanks for the replies. I wish the payments on a Hellcat would be in the same ballpark as my SRT8! Sounds like I can save some money just hooking the wide-band to the Trinity instead of mounting a gauge. Any issues going that route? I sent you an email Micah.
  8. Thanks for all the replies. I will have to short list the A/F ratio gauge I guess. I don't like the pillar pod clusters and can't really tell how good the sunglass mount fits with the rest of the interior. The WOT runs aren't too bad of a problem here in Nebraska! You offering to come down to Lincoln and help with the install Goehner?
  9. Apologies up front for the amount of individual questions but I figured I may as well toss it all out there!! So I am about 75% sure that I want to go with a Whipple on my mostly stock 2009 SRT8 (6.1) Challenger. I will be doing the install in my garage which has a car lift so it should be pretty easy to get the crank pinned. The car currently has a catch can, SOLO cat-back exhaust and stock air box with K/N filter along with the standard Diablo tunes. Questions: For the "complete kits" there is a lot of variance between vendors on what is included from Whipple vs what has been swapped for better parts. Am I safe with the default stuff from Whipple or is there certain parts I really need to consider upgrading? How difficult is the email tune process and can a Diablo inTune do the job or will I need to go up to a Trinity? How important is it to include the A/F ratio gauge in the car while running a SC? Do I need it for the email tune process? I have received quotes from a few vendors I found on the various forums and prices seem very close so it comes down to you guys. Who is the current best vendor to order a complete kit from (with email tune)? , Here is the 25% doubt that I am dealing with: Should I really reconsider for a ProCharger system instead if the car is going to see 90%+ street time? Should I consider cam, heads, and headers instead of a SC? My goals for the car is to have it "run with the big boys" during the weekend cruising and possibly make a pass or two at the track each year as part of a car show event locally. It is not my daily driver but does make road trips (400+ mile) a few times a year for shows. Thanks for the great forum and any comments/ suggestions!