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  1. That's the prob with KB its a big heat pump and requires more $$$ to make it efficient. As John mentioned a little N2o helps . Ive installed a Afco heat exchanger from a gt500 with the fan options...
  2. Looks like a big penis... considering everyone calls me Dick it sure is fitting
  3. Yes sir But a bigger better location Just signed a 3000 sq ft lease 2 days ago.. BTW I don't expect help with the design for free who ever may read this. thanks Once I get the design done I will reach out and become a supporting vendor...
  4. Thanks but I started another business American Muscle Performance LLC and I need a logo for that
  5. Ill reach out to SupaDave and Ryan thanks for the heads up
  6. I found Milan on FB Send him a friend request If anyone knows someone let me know I need something done pretty quick sboegler71@gmail.com is my email for now Please have them reach me here or there. thanks everyone..
  7. 6 speed record? Glad youre back sorry we didnt meet in person.
  8. Thank you Sir and to EVERYONE .. I know I have not been around much but as things slowly get back to normal I will be back to talking shit with the rest of you... I wanted to say more on the phone but I was so choked up I couldn't talk.. When Tommy is better I will bring him to an event "planned on anyways" Hes a car guy like his pops. So thanks to everyone very very much appreciated.. Remember Mopar or No car
  9. ^^What he said^^ lots of reasons....
  10. The video its on the 2 step.... FYI...
  11. Whipple is a better design hands down enjoy it,,
  12. A couple months ago.... Matter of fact I know they did I heard his voice mail telling people basically don't call him with any issues he doesn't give a shit.... And that is verbatim If the person who shared this with me would like to chime in he can But I did hear it,,
  13. I was told they were out of business....
  14. I supplied the lifters.... All I ever used was factory shit Youre good homie