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  1. Stab,steer and HOLD ON
  2. Awesome , just Awesome
  3. 2.18s have done as good as 410 @ 650, these with the 2.2 did 420@ .650.
  4. the hole is 27.5 MM or 1.083 in not sure if that helps.
  5. Nah you don't have to plug it, I've taken a freeze plug and plugged it just for aesthetics. it's a closed cylinder heats the surrounding cast iron and that heats the water jacket. .
  6. I've built a few different versions of this Build http://www.hughesengines.com/TechArticles/21740hpgen3hemi.php in the last 2 years. some with a 6.1 block some with a SRT392 and the BGE block, Best version with stock DIA Hydridic Lifters and stock rockers was a 6.1 based build, 4.08X4.08 426.7Ci with 6.4 BGE heads(2.20 Intake 1.64 Exhaust) Dimond pistons static Compression was 12.2 to 1 custom Comp cam, 250I 254 E @ 50 .640I/.630E 108Cl installed at 104, Drag pack intake and Sony's 8500SL Throttle body, 24deg total timing, 790Hp at 7700RPMs 93/100 was in the tank , on 93 Oct with 18 degrees timing it pulled 725Hp @7500
  7. Looks good Whose Valve covers are they? Hole in the back of the driver side is for a Block Heater.
  8. are you wanting to put it in a BLOWN 5.7 ? or NA , NA waste of time , Blown 5.7 with say a Whipple 2.9 on top...works well once the tuning and VVT tables adjusted.
  9. the little things are such a pain sometimes, looking forward to seeing this get done and out and about next year.
  10. Glad to hear it's together, now the fun starts .
  11. it'll get there, I have 2 builds I have to finish up this week and then I'll work on my 366 for my 05 Ram
  12. Good to hear your up and moving around
  13. Love the Indy Covers, How did you achieve a 411? 4.09X3.90 or 4.1X3.90
  14. Bum deal on the medical, if I had the spare cash I'd love to help
  15. Arrington still selling them? last I looked they were out of stock. here's a set by PRW http://www.jegs.com/i/PRW/228/3234513/10002/-1 one of the younger guys here at work has these in his Magnum