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  1. 99%. Motor Trend and USA today both said it includes the GG tax but not the destination. Here is the link http://wot.motortrend.com/1407_2015_dodge_challenger_srt_hellcat_priced_from_60990.html
  2. No, but that does include the Gas Guzzler tax. Speculated options are 8 speed and sunroof. Sure there will be a few more.
  3. The 8hp70 is $500 option behind the 5.7 in the 1500 Ram and no charge on the Durango. The Hellcat gets an upgraded 8HP90 if I am not mistaken which has a 900 torque limit. I bet its around $1200, close to the 8 speed in the V6.
  4. It will do any caliber less than .50bmg. You would need the shell plate and dies though. I can get w231 and titegroup usually. The problem is the shipping and hazmat. It really drives the price up a lot.
  5. It truly. I am only selling it because I need to move up to a 1050.
  6. SOLD! Thanks everyone! Like new, I have used this less than 6 months and loaded less than 1000 rounds on it. All parts still shiny, clean and buttery smooth. Dillon RL550B w/ everything a new press comes with, large and small auto primer, auto powder measure w/ large and small charge bars, primer pick up tubes etc. Currently set up in 9mm. .223 conversion kit included. Dillon strong mount Dillon bullet tray Dillon empty case bin Dillon .223 caliber conversion Dillon extra tool head Dillon tool head stand Dillon lifetime no BS warranty No dies included. Paid over $700 for the lot, selling for $600 delivered and insured conus. Paypal Gift or + fees, money order or CC over the phone for +3%
  7. Never got around to finishing this one up. Was going to make a 9x23 but have decided on a different route. Damascus Slide with 9mm/38 Super/9x23 breech. (cost nearly $900.00 alone) Caspian double stack Race ready frame with Molon Labe 1 serial number. Caspian Mag Catch, Grip medallions, grip safety, ambi safety, trigger, mainspring housing, firing pin and SS pin set. Briley Bushing Aftec Extractor Nighthawk disconnector EGW Sear, Hammer Strut and Ejector Novak Tritium front sight Ed Brown Firing Pin stop. Rear dovetail has a RMR plate in it. Standard dovetail mount. Frame and slide are covered in oil. $1150 delivered to your FFL USPS money order preferred, checks are ok as well Paypal +3%, CC over the phone +3% if you like
  8. FN Scar's are really nice! They seem to be pretty available right now as well.
  9. Yup, the bolt gun can and does achieve sub minute of angle groups. The semi, while super awesome is lucky to keep a 2 moa group. It was designed to strike assets other than soldiers, things like fuel depots, vehicles and com stations. One of the reasons the 82/107 isn't that accurate is because the magazine is too short to feed any of the good rounds like the 750 Amax. You can single feed em, but with all the movement in the gun it still sucks for accuracy. If you shoot suppressed go with the bolt gun as well. The semi does not work at all unless you spring for the barrett can which is uber pricey. Even then you have to use the 107 with mods.
  10. Updated with additional scope and ammo.
  11. Skins and cooks the squirrel!
  12. Barrett Model 99 Chambered in .50bmg. Manufactured in 2013. 32" Heavy match barrel. I also have a Leupold VX3 8.5x25x50 Long Range that I will include for an extra $300.00. $3600 for the rifle as pictured + 2 boxes of Barrett .50bmg ammo. $3900 gets you both scopes, the rifle and 2 boxes of Barrett .50bmg ammo. Fired 5 rounds, cleaned, oiled and put away. Like new! Includes factory Pelican case, clear warranty card, manual and papers. Also includes the extra cost Monopod, Leupold Mark 4 rings and a Falcon Menace First Focal plane Mil-dot scope (not great but something to get you started) Money order, personal check I can do a credit card over the phone for +2% Paypal + 3% if you must
  13. Looking really good! can't wait to see the finished project.
  14. One of my favorites! You ever notice breast milk kinda tastes like coconut milk? Not like those gay juicy juice instant coconut drinks, but the real deal.