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  1. 99%. Motor Trend and USA today both said it includes the GG tax but not the destination. Here is the link http://wot.motortrend.com/1407_2015_dodge_challenger_srt_hellcat_priced_from_60990.html
  2. No, but that does include the Gas Guzzler tax. Speculated options are 8 speed and sunroof. Sure there will be a few more.
  3. The 8hp70 is $500 option behind the 5.7 in the 1500 Ram and no charge on the Durango. The Hellcat gets an upgraded 8HP90 if I am not mistaken which has a 900 torque limit. I bet its around $1200, close to the 8 speed in the V6.
  4. Looking really good! can't wait to see the finished project.
  5. One of my favorites! You ever notice breast milk kinda tastes like coconut milk? Not like those gay juicy juice instant coconut drinks, but the real deal.
  6. Lisa gave me my red coil covers for free after i made a build change. Called me back the same day. No issues here. I have spent a ton of money with them though. Hope it works out. Sounds like a small hiccup.
  7. Ok, it has 9 replies and 313 views at 11:21.
  8. They dont know what to make of it. Is it real? Is it BS? Heads are exploding! Has the view count gone up?
  9. Second best gift evar! Looks like it was a fun way to spend with family. I think I have the same Kubota. B29hp 4wd diesel?
  10. Heads are about to explode! Especially since a few ct regulars have stated its no good and can cause knk. This one should be fun to follow!
  11. Wife got me an M1 Carbine, got a new Dewalt Sawzall, some movies, a sock (yes just one ) and a 5 gallon bucket of rotella. - People say I am hard to shop for.
  12. Sad thing is it broke with only 5 miles on it. It got installed early in build and didnt get powered until dyno day in sept. It was basically defective out of the box. Fuckers.
  13. My automeat has some pixle that have died. Fuckers wont warranty it since I bought it more than a year ago. It sat installed in the car for 15 months.
  14. Must be cold up there! I wore shorts today while playing with the trucks!