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  1. Hi guys. I've got a ram 1500 5.7 8 speed with bolt ons and nitrous. I was having a problem when I turned the nitrous up where it wouldn't shift the 1-2. It would blow past the shift and hit the limiter and go into limp mode. Now I have tuned the transmission with HP tuners, all shifts are firm and quick when NA. On the bottle, once again, no 1-2 shift. It no longer hits limp mode due to me raising the rev limit in the TCM. But it will ride the engine limiter at 6400 and stay there until I pedal it. It is not spinning when this occurs. I tried adjusting everything I could think of in the trans tune to no avail. In the end, I had to turn the nitrous controller down to just 40% off the line to get it to shift. Anyone have any experience with the 8 speed tuning? Any power adder 8 speeds having trouble?
  2. A P0740 code generally appears when the the ECM doesn't see the torque converter lockup clutch locking when it wants it to. Problems with this are usually electrical faults or bad TCC solenoids. a P0735 is a gear ratio incorrect code for 5th gear. Line pressure problems become more noticeable on direct drive and overdrive gears because of the added strain. Any slippage of the gear will result in the incorrect ratio codes. Fluid pressure problems would also explain the lack of TCC lockup. All this combined leads me to believe you've got a problem with your valve body. Without having the vehicle to do some tests, that's about as far as I can venture out without speculation. I'd be taking a trip back to where the VB was installed, unless you did it yourself, but I'd be talking to the VB manufacturer for sure. Best of luck.
  3. I have, and it's possible to have it built for sure but the tail housing is different so they would need my trans to build and that's not possible. Besides, I'd like to not spend 6k for a trans right after I spend who knows what on the stroker if I can get away with it.
  4. Hey guys. I have a 14 ram 1500 crew cab with the 8HP70. Right now she does great at full bolt on with a 175 shot, still daily driven and pulls a boat from time to time. However, I am building a forged 5.7 based 392, which will be built lower compression for power adders. I'd love to get as much power from it as possible once it's done, but I don't want to roast the trans in short order. Nobody seems to build a truck fitment A8 yet, only for jeeps and cars. So prolonged life of the factory unit is a priority. I'm sure some of you guys are pushing the car A8s pretty hard, what is the level at which they're having problems? Thanks in advance.
  5. Took it out to the track last night and had a disappointing night. With the new headers, it's revving through 1st gear too quickly and hitting the Rev limiter and going into limp mode, where it's stuck in 4th gear. Had to turn the bottle down off the line to get the Trans to behave, and that put me right back where I was to begin with, so no gains. Mph is up so the power is there but I guess I'm gonna have to drop 750 on the HP tuners suite so I can tune the trans and solve the problem.
  6. I never got a chance to run a 1/4 before these passes so I'm not sure of mine personally, but I've heard of stock CCs going high 14s to low 15s.
  7. Hi guys, new here. Seems like a nice place. I wanted to share my time, as I don't know of many crew cab hemis running fast(for a truck) times. 2014 Ram 1500 crew cab 5.7 A8 2wd 3.92lsd. Intake, Greene tune, exhaust, radials, and nitrous. 5420lb race weight. Went 12.23@110.6 on stock exhaust manifolds and a muffler delete. I have recently installed 1 7/8 primaries stainless longtubes, and full dual 3" exhaust. No times with the new exhaust yet. Pretty confident I can shake an 11.9x out of it with the new exhaust. Pics of the truck and slips https://imgur.com/gallery/wxhh2