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  2. Tried uploading pictures. But the file is too big apparently
  3. I have three brand new gauges that are up for sale. The boxes were never opened, i just ended up going a different route. Innovative Motorsports DLG-1 dual lambada - $275.00 AEM 30-4402 trans/oil/water temp gauge - $115 AEM 30-4406 Boost gauge - $115 SOLD Paypal & shipping cost on buyers end.
  4. I just wanted to make sure I'm covering all the bases with this swap into my 2013 Charger RT AJ is already working his magic on my PCM From the information I found. The starter i need for the swap is Mopar Part#05030023AA I have a "level 5" t400 from FTI with a Reid case and a Gen3 specific Reid bellhousing as well as a convertor from FTI Ratchet shifter from B&M custom CF driveshaft for a th400 to DSS Ford 9" I understand the trans tunnel needs to be tweaked a bit too Most of the information I found about this swap on the forums is pretty outdated as far as the post goes and their all in regards to pre-2011 gen Chargers. I wanted to make sure I didn't overlook any important details. As far as the Gen3 specific Reid bell goes. Does this still require a GM transmission adapter? From the impression i got after speaking with the guys at ATI is if I went with a standard GM convertor & bellhousing the Adapter kit is necessary. But if i went with the Reid specific Bell and a GM convertor that has a certain shorter cover. The adapter kit isn't necessary?
  5. Selling a 3.06 getrag differential. The unit has seen roughly 5k miles, so it's still in fairly new condition. $600 Shipping & PayPal fees on buyers end. Located in the metro Detroit area
  6. B
  7. 🤦‍♂️
  8. No, I bought this one back when razors edge motorsports was still around
  9. Srt4 injectors - $300 (2k miles on them) Carpeted backseat delete - $250 5.7vvt timing cover - $100 2011+ charger non getrag driveshaft - $100 5.7/6.1 LMI v2 true fender mount cai - $275 AEM uego afr gauge - $100 Factory oil pan - $75 Brand new/never opened oil pan gasket - $30 Brand new oil pan bolts - $15 5.7 vvt factory camshaft - $75
  10. Is anyone familiar with swracecars weld in roll cages? I just purchased a chromoly 10pt, with front subframe rails for a little over 1k with shipping included
  11. Thank you sir! Much appreciated
  12. Currently looking for a tubular k member for my 2013 dodge charger
  13. These are 55lb injectors on a 58psi fuel system. Good for 550+ on a na setup and around 500ish on forced induction. I ran these for about two weeks on my 426 stroker build
  14. I'm currently selling my API billet 400lph drop-in pump and my stage1 srt4 injectors. Theyve been on the car for 3 weeks and decided to go a different route. im asking $325 for each or both for $550 perfect for a NA 426 stoker setup
  15. So I'm switching builds with my 426 stroker. I'm dropping the compression to 10:1 and plan on doing a promod 88 front mount. Depending on power levels, I might spray a 100shot through my direct port setup as well. I will be using e85/e98 At the moment I still have 3.06 gearing and a 3400 stall. I street more then track, so I'm sure I will still be doing rolls just as much as digs. Let me know if there is an in house cam or custom grind you would recomend Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk