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  1. I know others have posted to this site with Similar issues, however I decided to create a new conversion about this issue to see if anyone else with a Brand New Ram has similar experience... I bought my 2017 Dodge Ram Big Horn about 1 month ago. I test drove it along with a Laramie. Both are very nice trucks with lots of extras. The only difference I could find was a vibration at highway speeds with the Big Horn. The salesman and service manager convince me it was just flat spots on the tires and once well balanced it would not shake. I decided to buy the Big Horn based on their confidence. Well now its 4 service visits and three sets of tires / wheels later and it still shakes. As a matter of fact the mechanic working on the truck drove 5 other Big Horn trucks all with the same shake (this is why I think others have experienced this). The dealer is convinced this is a tire and wheel problem. To try and convince me they actually pulled a set of wheels and tires off a Long-Horn Laramie and put them on my Big Horn. The mechanic calls me and we go for a ride in my truck with the Laramie wheels. The truck drove smooth (hmm funny how the first Laramie drove smooth too). The mechanic is convinced this is a tire and wheel problem, but throws out how more expensive trucks will sometime have more baffling in the bed and cab mounts to reduce road noise (not sure how true this is). Based on the drive in my Big Horn with the Laramie wheels and tires I think it may be defective wheel mfg. I have asked the dealer if I can just have the Laramie wheels and call it a day. I doubt this will happen. Has anyone else had a similar experience and how did you resolve it. Thanks!