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  1. Bad ass truck, Congrats!
  2. Full weight, Slicks and skinnys, Rwhp not sure at this point. My tune was going screwy with the diablo pulling all my timing out in 4th gear even tho it showed it to be fine. HP tuner found the issue so we made the change to correct the diablo fiasco to bring back my timing where is should have been all along an it woke up the car. Been fighting this for quiet some time and now we have the answer. Going in soon to re-tune the car on HP and shit can the diablo crap. At this point I am really happy for the number on what it pushed out. We had a hot day to so looking forward to running it when the weather cools down a bit. Sept and October should be good DA number for the NW. For a Stock motor and running 8lbs of boost I say she holds her own. Best part of the weekend was winning the super shifter class. 32 car field and the fat lady sang her way to the top.
  3. Another great weekend at our Mopar Nationals.
  4. Welcome to the group, mine does the same thing. One min it pulls 4th hard, let her sit and cool and bam 4th gear is like driving miss daisy. It's a hit and miss. We have logged and everything seems to be good but Linda's quote got me thinking now about the cats.
  5. I love mine, yes I would like a little more power out of it to hit my goal of 11.50 for the qtr. Only looking for a 10th on 8 lbs of boost and rowing the gears is fun for me. If I did it all over again I would do a A/T but don't see that happening in the near future.
  6. Yes I am, So close yet so far away...
  7. Man I have fighting with mine all summer long, just can't get over the hump of 11.61 as of yet. Still trying to get my 60's down into the high 1.5's but seem to be stuck at high 1.6's. I have ran my slicks down to 14 lbs up to 18 lbs and still the same results. Season is coming to a close for us in the NW but dammit I would like to get a 11.50. Got the two step figured out and it works really good but need to find the magical RPM launch now. Been hitting it at 4200 to 4700 rpms for changes but the 60 ft will not improve. I do not want to change my pulley to 10 lbs to get it, I want to do it on 8 lbs, What else could I try before winter set's in? I run skinnies in the front to so just looking for a little more help.
  8. I will be there Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
  9. Congrats, I tried out my 2 step last night and had to disconnect it after 2 passes. Car did not like it at all. I had it set at 4200 and bogged, 4500 bogged and check engine light, reset and disconnected it and back to flying out of the hole. Hope I did not buy a paper weight.. Anyway' congrats of getting into the 11's.
  10. Finally got my new slicks yesterday, track prep was not the best but I will take it anyway I can. Move it up again.
  11. Well throw my old happy ass on the list. 60 ft. 1.67 1/8th 7.516 MPH 96.45 11.787 115.74 MPH Vortech V3 8 lbs stock 6.1