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  1. Current set up is a Vortec Supercharger 5.7L RT (Mopar 10 edition) with SRT Intake/rails, & 60 lb injectors with a Diablo tune at 570 RWHP. I toasted my clutch at 48K and ordered a Spec SS Trim (SD80SST) to replace stock OEM 2 stage clutch. No issues with install but here's my problem...can drive first 5 minutes with no clutch grind and then I'm grinding gears (after car warms up). No fluid leaks from the slave cylinder. Bleed clutch with typical 200+ pumps on the clutch petal. I'm running into either: (1) Tolerance issue (vs. OEM) with this clutch not engaging/dis-engaging (2) Clutch cylinder "actuator" not functioning to push slave to full engagement Thoughts...help...questions