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  1. Ok so I've been going back and forth with Craig from Thitek exchanging a bunch of info and I have to say his knowledge and response are first rate. Outstanding Customer Service! Will be pulling the trigger real soon.
  2. Im going to purchase a set of Thitek heads. Does anyone have any insight on all the options that they offer. Are they all worth the added expense or should I pick and choose from the list for the "Custom heads"? It's a loooong list;Coated Titanium ValvesCopper Beryllium Valve SeatsCustom Port DesignHollow Stem ValvesInconel Valves6 Bolt Head Pattern1.550 Dual Solid Roller SpringsSteel Valve GuidesSteel Valve Guides w/Bronze Liner11/32 Valves50 or 55 Degree Valve JobAdditional MillingAlternative Valve LengthsBeehive or Dual Hyd Roller Valve SpringsChamber CoatingsTaper QuenchTitanium LocksI have a built 392 Twin Turbo w/Arrington 6.1 Heads (I'll be selling them shortly) that have Arrington Roller Rockers. I see that some of the options are either redundant or don't apply but I was wondering what would be a definite to choose and what would/could be optional to keep the costs down. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.