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  1. Happy birthday Stevo. Have a good one.
  2. sorry no.believe the spacer is only for the 5.7 r/t
  3. Spacer for the oil dipstick tube.You use the factory bolt with the spacer to mount the dipstick tube.
  4. Looking at nearly 3000 rpm on the hwy.
  5. Do you know what chris ran that day compared to the 12.3 the 3.91 car ran?
  6. 275 50 17. If I bring up the rpm's it will spin.so I just step on it at launch. I believe chris raced a bolton r/t with a 3.91. That would be a good comparison,same track and conditions.
  7. Cobra 17s with MnH drag radials. Factory 20s up front. Suspension is stock. Chris1992 recently has run even quicker. Ran a 12.0.
  8. 8secDart don't do it. You will be out 5 bucks.
  9. I believe he had a lot of weight reduction done.I mentioned I am running no weight reduction.
  10. Thanks guys. Sorry you couldn't make it out today Kent.
  11. Just ran a 12.2 with my bolt on R/T. I'm pretty sure this is the fastest full weight 5.7 just edging out chris1992. Mods are in my signature. Running drag radials and the factory 20s up front.
  12. Rtwildchild nice mph. What cam are you running?
  13. Good info in this thread. http://modernmoparforum.com/topic/13312-to-vvt-or-not-to-vvt-that-is-the-question/
  14. I'm in Stevo. Hopefully the rest of the guys can make it out.