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  1. 6.1 block 08 600.00 stock block been hone to fit last pistons at .003 .004 from stock. no pistons in package. Molnar Crank 4,050 for 426 500.00 manley Rods 350.00 APR crank and head studs 300.00 DBBL roller timing set w adv keyway 100.00 Chrome molly push rods 75.00 Melling oil pump 125.00 Mopar roller lifters 250.00 Valve covers 150.00 oil pan challenger 6.1 75.00 6.1 alum intake 400.00 no rails no TB no injectors Apache heads PAC springs and locators,retainers 900.00 new grind and seals. Has never been flow benched or home brew flow done. Never Pay pal is fine, NO SHIPPING INCLUDED in pricing. Take all for 3500.00 and no I wont go 2500 and ship it. not happening....
  2. Yes sir it is. Worst time year to sell anything with x mass coming. Ha
  3. Just a fyi I pulled a head and found zero damage. Only skuff marks in cyl. That s it.
  4. 3800 plus shipping takes it all. Divorce sale. 3000 for block, rods, crank, oil pump, timing set, Apr bolts and studs, oil pan. Keep your block also.
  5. I have a 6.1 block, stroked 426 plus has 6.1 intake Molnar 4.050 crank. manely rods. APR head studs and crank.All motor studded with APR.. Apache heads fresh with pac springs ect. . meling oil pump. double roller, push rods chrome molly. Will part it out and or sell whole. Lets make a deal.