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  1. Aaaand drives like a dream.... breaking in the new diff nice and easy take care be safe driving folks
  2. Hey guys/gals green guy with more questions than answers here. I have wanted to swap my rear diff for a while now I have a 16 h/c m6 challenger. Found a black Friday sale on rear diff pn#5038703aj should be a fact Dodge pn# what I am not sure of is weather all my factory parts will interchange with this part It its a 3.90 lsd. I Plan on running 17s in rear think that would wake it up nicely I have front and rear struts tied, kw Adj coilovers all 4 corners lowered camber correcting control arms front and rear, billet trailing arms, and will be installing white line cradle bushings with upgrades to rear diff bushings. I could use a guiding hand based on Mopar experience. Jim, the part cross references as a valid swap. ????
  3. Update the inner lower control arm bushings were a pita to change out but they did fit perfect. Thanks for sharing part number. Cradle bushings were much easier to remove and replace. I still have the fact diff mount bushings installed.
  4. Looking for salvage 16 model front clip complete, color does not matter straight sheetmetal only. Detroit or Houston metro area would be ideal for local pick up. Thanks
  5. Congrats on those passes impressive times... Liked the video man.
  6. The paint looked perfect as well as the body lines.
  7. Got to meet the owner of this Yellow Jacket Demon, his sweet new Dodge was heading out west to Arizona. He was kind enough to answer a bunch of questions about his car while two friends of mine were shooting photos for him. After talking to him for 30 minutes we got to follow him down the freeway so photographers could shoot some sweet rolling shots.
  8. Yes that is the part I am asking about, Will be able to move ahead with my project now thanks man!!! Heading to the forum you suggested to read about your inner rear bushing swap also. Definitely looking to read that thread. Appreciate the reference man. Jim
  9. Have another Dodge newbie question, I have probably spent an hr or more mystified by the emergency brake cable setup can someone tell me How to detach without damage to cables or ends it looks like I could bend the three little tabs on cable coupling and remove all three cables but I was not sure if that's how it's done Thanks Jim
  10. Thanks for info plum crazy that is greatly appreciated. I have been searching for diff mount bushings and inner lower control arm bushings for a couple days and it has not panned out as of yet. I did get some feedback from energysuspensions.com they suggested that I look for something That would fit with a little modification in their universal section, I will forward link, being new to Dodge brand I will need to remove my bushings so I can measure for universal bushing fit. After surfing the net it may be as easy as cross referencing cars that use common parts. An example the whiteline inner lowers from a 2014 300 Hemi look like they will work without modifying. I did not find a sub category for hellcats but if I looked under older rwd they look like a match to the Hellcat control arm part numbers from Mopar. The 3.90 diff has been used on several models so backtracking those may get me a good number for an aftermkt poly match on diff mount bushings. Started a thread on another forum as well but have not received any feedback yet other than a suggestion to try performance diff brace which I have had on car for 6 months. My cradle is out and on ground now just a matter of stripping it down and removing bushings to measure. Cross referencing does not work out then modified universal will be my second choice. I still need to look up the Hemi Magnums also they were heavy and likely use some of same susp parts. Jim
  11. All the factory parts that I have removed have been packaged and put away for the future owner to enjoy , I believe they will be happy that all factory parts were kept with car for originality.
  12. Thanks for sharing torque specs man, I am putting in Adj upper control arms on rear and had to drop cradle about an inch to access bolts for removal, wanted to go back to oem torque specs for safety.
  13. looking for any available torque specs for a rear diff cradle removal/install any info would be appreciated switching from a 3.70 to 3.90 also installing some camber correcting control arms to a lowered Challenger 16 model M6 thanks