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  1. Cool, I couldn't seem to find his thread I was looking around a bit for it.
  2. So it's been more than a while since I've been a frequent visitor of the forums. Figured id see if any of you guys could help me out with some info. The car is finally in for a little work, and included in that will be a front end replacement. I was hoping to do the hellcat front swap, and was trying to figure out what all might be involved. So far, I hear that it bolts up no problem, but the side markers and headlights take a little modification. I know I'll need new side markers, and will need to splice the harness. The headlights, I hear from one guy who did the swap, will need to be cut a bit to make fit and since they are bigger will be visible from under the hood. Not a big deal for me. Is there anything else I might need to know before I go an order the parts? It's gonna be coming out of an insurance check, so to have everything ready and run into problems will not be fun. Thanks for any info you guys may have.
  3. Thankfully I cleaned it shortly after cf4, but damn does that paint marker like to stick around. I left a little mark in memoriam (or because I didn't feel like pulling out a razor blade)
  4. Was it the liquor barn? Aka the walmart of alcohol? They didn't have it in there and I was told they didn't sell it in Kentucky, but hell if I can save some weight/space on the way to Kentucky wherever the hell I may be coming from that might just work out haha.
  5. Damn. I thought I couldn't wait. You're on top of this. So that means I have that much time to save for parts. Can you break it down to weeks for us so I can figure out how many pay checks it will take to make a real showing this year (joke, I can do that myself, because thats what its coming down to at this point)
  6. Hah yeah I think I was there filling up too. I'm planning on driving from new york to miami straight to kentucky this year. Why waste time stopping home in new york for a few days... So I'll be there early. This time I'll be loaded up with Yeungling. They don't sell it in the state of Kentucky and that's been my go to. (Or glued to my hand if you will)
  7. CF5 I may be slow, but I should be sittin pretty. CF6 you'll see me blowin doors off while sittin pretty.