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  1. Funny chit Kevin. Sent via Tapatalk
  2. Damm I should get them. Then I would have go to track. Then I would start breaking shit. Which means I would have to take parts off Murray's car. Murray's car now gets the ghetto look sitting on jack stands minus wheels, axles and maybe even the blower. lmao Sent via Tapatalk
  3. Wes.... just one word. SMOOOOOOOTH.................
  4. Bitching.... to say the least.
  5. And a box of Q tips and New Tooth Brush... lmao
  6. Oh chit... Speedy does engine clean up at work. Sent via Tapatalk
  7. Holy chit Kevin is over his $50 limit!!!!!!
  8. Yup... Fun factor is priceless. Took the Vette to Little River again with Covette club. Car runs a consistent 12.44. Will sign-up for the shoot out the next time I go. Sent via Tapatalk
  9. Well chit... $500 better than nothing. So now your only $xxx,xxx dollars in the hole. lmao
  10. Outstanding Speedy.... What no video of the trip. Your fired! Sent via Tapatalk
  11. And... How much money did you win?
  12. $50 says you are Kevin! Sent Via Tapatalk
  13. I still say that speedo needle is tad off center Speedy! Now I wonder how much that will effect the purchase price? lmao GLWTS... I'd buy it if didn't already have one and 2 other fun mobiles. Besides my wife would kill me if brought another hotrod home. Still have few scars from buying the Corvette.
  14. That be some kewl chit Micah!
  15. Nice... I think Sent Via Tapatalk