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  1. Thanks, Kev...
  2. Thanks, Lisa... you are the best!
  3. Bump.... 1. You win... free shipping on me. 2, Online order page... no more PM's - Order Here
  4. The whole story over HERE
  5. Speedy.... Bob Butler blew a HHP/BES engine and he picked a block at Pick & Pull for $210. lmao Sent via Tapatalk
  6. OK... What broke? Sent via Tapatalk
  7. X2 on the tranny. Sent via Tapatalk
  8. Axle or drive shaft? Dead hook? Sent via Tapatalk
  9. Mike, Your #'s are 114 & 116 Thanks a bunch.
  10. Yes...
  11. JROTC Scholarship fundraising raffle. Hey guys we have stepped our game. New Raffle has 5 winners! Tickets are $20 per. Web Site Order Page If you win I will ship your winning item FREE. 1. AR15 - SS 16" barrel, A2 flash hider, Magpul Furniture set, 30rd Troy mag, Rail mounted A2 Style rear sight 2. 9mm Pistol 4. WWII commemorative knife 3. Vietnam commemorative knife 5. 2 Pistol range bag
  12. You need dealer mode to see the current level of the software. I sent the info in post #1 to Dodge and it took them a few days to answer. I wanted to know why an Update that I downloaded in 2017 is now gone and what the latest install Sevice Bulletin is as it has been changed a number of times. 08-007-17 Rev. F, Sept 8, 2017, Rev G Sept 14, 2017, Rev H Nov 29, 2017 to 08-071-18 May 16, 2018 Here is their response. Obviously, she either didn't read the original email very good or didn't understand what she read... IE - Go see your Dealer. I plan on seeing what the idiot dealer people say.
  13. Added some pics to post #1
  14. Software updates can be a blessing or a curse. Having been in the business for some 40 years and producing my share of updates I learned a couple of things. 1. Download any and all updates, install instructions and SAVE them.. 2. Depending on the ISSUE apply ONLY if you have the problem. 3. Security fixes are almost a must install. Shortly after I bought my 17 Scat and got signed up with Dodge/Chrysler/Fiat/Uconnect or whatever checked my Uconnect for updates. Yup, there was available according to my vin number that I entered in the search box. The new version was 16.11.0 versus my 16.8.0 NOTE - The install instructions were updated at least 3 times. I have 2 versions To get radio info you have to be in dealer mode. 1, Key on, Run, no start 2. Press the drivers side up/down temp controls & the defrost button - takes about 10 secs. HERE IS THE RUB..... you will love this. I just checked today and Uconnect says there are NO UPDATES for my car. Sent an email to Dodge/Uconnect and asked What's UP? Here are some Q & D pics. Dealer Option