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  1. dupe
  2. This a really old thread.... But, some how I lost my copy of my copy of the Driving the Texas Mile. Does anyone have a backup as the link to the original fails.
  3. Yea Stevo.... Yugo....Fuck yourself! Sent via Tapatalk
  4. Hey Kevin.... He must be a Democrat, Russian style. lmfao Sent via Tapatalk
  5. Sweet.....
  6. Speedy's junk maybe! At least it would be clean.
  7. $20.... Naaaah
  8. Graveyard Cars did a 70 Plymouth Superbird Tribute with a Hellcat crate motor.
  9. Yea... sold off all but 2 acres.
  10. Speedy would shit a brick and probably have a fucking heart attack or stroke if he would see my shop now that I am not living there in the RV. 9 years of 1 or 2 times a month, mostly to mow the 2 acres of grass or change oil in the cars. LMAO
  11. Amen Can I get a AMEN. Sent via Tapatalk
  12. Fuck Facebook.. Quit 3 years ago. Sent via Tapatalk
  13. Me sold the 10 Challenger and bought a Scat Pack Charger. No mods needed. Sent via Tapatalk
  14. Fucking bureau of bureaucracy! Sent via Tapatalk
  15. AJ for theWIN! Sent via Tapatalk