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  1. OBTW - if you can find the Daytona rear caliper bracket you can put the big rotors on the rear. Also, I got dimpled and slotted rotors for all 4 corners, with pads and free shipping from Brake Perfomance for around $400 back when it did my brake upgrade. Sent via Tapatalk
  2. When I had my Challenger I looked at this swap. Back then it was everything including the steering knuckles.
  3. Waterless car wash is OK for a light dust or maybe road grim... anything else - not so much IMHO Rear bumper of almost any car is a dust/dirt magnet due to the air flow over the car, I use to use Mother's Quick Detail (free bottle on the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour). But, now I use Turtle Wax Ice in the spray wax or Protect All and a microfiber cloth. For glass cleaning... I use a clay bar to clean the road grime off about once a month, then Invisible Glass and a microfiber cloth to clean.
  4. Speedy, just completed. 2400 round trip with 4 days of rain and shitty road construction. Car was filthy. Took all of 2 hours to clean. Remember I have few years on you. I did not pull the wheels to clean the back side and wheel wells. Only do that a couple times a year. Same for clay bar, polish and wax.
  5. My 2014 Cadillac ATS booked for 14.. Lost almost 40% in deprecation. Got almost 20 for my10 Challenger.
  6. Trinity SOLD
  7. Got all my shit from the Challenger for Sale Here is a partial list... Full list HERE Located in Jarrell, TX Barton Shifter $425 Shipped Diablo Trinity -SOLD 6.1 Shorty Headers $250 Shipped 6.1 Mids $250 Shipped Cervini Ram Air CAI $275 Shipped Custom Engine Cover $300 Shipped Custom Gas Filler $125 Shipped BC Racing Coil Overs $650 Shipped Big Brake Kit - front/rears/bracket/pads/rotors $450 Shipped
  8. One MOFO rice burner for sure.
  9. Unpair your phone?
  10. Yup... Been down that road with an RV manufacturer.... Ultimately the fuckers went broke. lmao
  11. Yea.. According to what read. On my 17 Scat Pack it works just fine. Sent via Tapatalk
  12. Android Auto is done via USB cable from the phone to Uconnect.
  13. ooops... You need to get a new car! Support starts with 2017.
  14. Uconnect 8.4 supports Bluetooth Android Auto & Iphone Carplay. Sent via Tapatalk
  15. Not an issue on mine.. 3 years also. Sent via Tapatalk