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  1. I went from this... To this Rebadge should be able to fix you up.
  2. Poor mans version of line lock using the ABS via the OBD 2 port..
  3. Gross....
  4. Hey Steveo.... My home town is where SPAM is made, Austin, Minnesota.
  5. His odds are SLIM & NONE that he lasts the day!
  6. I had a set on my 10 Challenger & I installed them myself. Set the pre-load on the fronts before install and nothing on the rears, just install. Once I got the ride height and dampeners adjusedt I looked at the alignment. I dropped mine almost 2". The alignment guy said he could not get it in spec using the stock adjusting. it was really close but I wanted spot on. So, I added a set of Razors Edge adjustable Arms & Eibach rear camber kit. Once installed and aligned... no problems.
  7. My new Charger Scat has 6 piston Brembro's up front and 4 piston in the rear. Hit the brakes hard & it damm near throw you through the windshield.
  8. Couldn't agree more with you Speedy. My Scat Pack is far better than the Challenger and your right I don't miss the 6 speed, especially in traffic. Sent via Tapatalk
  9. Stevo... You wouldn't hit that when you were 17?
  10. Needed to get down to 2 cars. The Vette stays. The Caddy was bleeding depreciation by the gallon. So, I stripped the Fat Lady down to her underwear and moved on. Don't have to do a dam thing to this car. Ton of options, sounds great and runs like stink. Sent via Tapatalk
  11. No... Just traded the Challenger & Caddy for Charger Scat Pack. Sent via Tapatalk
  12. Damm Bob... Looking good. Sent via Tapatalk
  13. It seems that Fiat/Chrysler anticipated dealer gouge and set up the allocation to the lowest order price gets first build According the this article at Hot Rod Newsletter. "The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon allocation plan is consistent with that philosophy. Here is how Demon will be allocated to dealers: ● To be eligible to order a Challenger SRT Demon, dealers must have sold more than one SRT Hellcat in the last 12 months ● Dealer allocation will be based on 60 percent SRT Hellcat and 40 percent Charger and Challenger sales performance ● Dealers can only order as many Demons as they are allocated ● Demons sold at or below MSRP will receive priority scheduling resulting in lower serial numbers ● Demons sold for a price that exceeds MSRP will be produced after priority production is completed Dodge is also creating a new Demon Concierge hotline (800-998-1110) to provide direct communication for customers and dealers. A new website will also allow them to track their orders at www.dodge.com." This is the personalized name plaque that comes on the Demon crate. Unless dealers are psychic, they won’t know the name of the car’s eventual owner. This makes it hard to add dealer mark-up since buyers will want their name here.
  14. Looks SURGICALLY done to me. Nice work Howie! Sent via Tapatalk
  15. Looks like your on the right track J. Sent via Tapatalk