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  1. Sorry sold. Sent via Tapatalk
  2. As always Wes.... Great shots
  3. Hey you old Codger, whatcha been up to?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hemi57


      Probably not as I have a Marine Corps supper to work at.

    3. CenTxRT


      We'll run into each other eventually. have fun!


    4. Hemi57


      Yup... I swapped out the black Hellcat rims and install Chrome Demon reps.



  4. Upgraded my Scat brakes... 10k light usage. Cost you shipping only.
  5. What next.... The tooth Fairy?
  6. What no card with money in it?
  7. Awesome....
  8. Thanks to Chuck & Lisa for the generous DONATION...
  9. Totally amazing that my MOPAR brothers & sisters are stepping up to the plate on both forums.
  10. Chuck.... yes you can make a donation. Just use my PP ID.
  11. Thanks for the support - Grandpa Greg!
  12. PM Answered Thanks for the support. - Mike
  13. As a member of the Marine Corps League we are offering up an AR15 for our JROTC Scholarship Fund. $10 a ticket with 200 tickets - Drawing May 30,2018 - Winner responsible for shipping. The last time I did this (shipping) it was about $50. Gun has been test fired, field stripped and oiled. No Issue with steel case ammo, mli spec ball ammo or commercial ammo in .223 or 5.56. Specs available on request. Interested PM me.
  14. You think they will showup?
  15. Uh Oh... Shaggy Sent via Tapatalk