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  1. Last I looked 9 confirmed cases in BG. Sent from my SM-A507FN using Tapatalk
  2. There is a big shit storm being raged over on the LX Forum over this post.
  3. The April issue of Hot Rod has an article about a DIY Plug-N-Play Flex Fuel install from Advanced Fuel Dynamics. The only problem is the cost, $899.00 for 30 to 35 hp on E85. Parts Article
  4. Hey Grandpa Greg..Congrats Hope see at CF 11. I will be running my 17 Scat Pack on street tires, stock tune and reaction time measured in days. lmao Mybe I can win the "old fart" award.
  5. Yup... The 20 to 30 crowd. I will stick with my 17 Scat it's the right car for me.
  6. Sweet! & welcome to the nuthouse.. Check out Challenger Fest 11 in April in Bowling Green, KY
  7. Signed UP and Reservations made.
  8. Still looks like leftover Jeep fender flares. How about a whole new fender with blended in flares?
  9. As always Jay.. informative.
  10. I had the same basic issue with my 08 Corvette and is well know in the Corvette world. Drain and refill with GM fluid and all is well.
  11. Yup... But, put a good driver in the seat with slicks/skinnies and he will be close to you. I will have to be a bit more careful when I see a Stang pull up next to me.
  12. Speedy you better not run into a new 2020 GT500 Mustang. Some guy flew to pick up one, put some break-in miles on an stopped in Dallas and ran on 10.6 on pump gas and street tires. Now that being said, he is not much of a driver, But then he is a Rookie.
  13. Dang... updated GEO Tracker!!!! LMAO
  14. Outstanding Jay... Do you think the original HC engine would have gotten you to the 9's?
  15. Checked the net last night and Wally World had Penz 0w-40 Euro for $27 and free delivery to the store. I ordered a 3 pack.