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  1. Kewl chit..
  2. Mike... Don't bother with it unless you plan to do shit with the car that a normal person won't. I had both front and rear bars on my Challenger along with coil overs. Bottom line a big waste of money. The factory has the car dialed in pretty dam good. Now if you plan to track the car REGULARLY then they might help some.
  3. ^^^ On my LG it's all or nothing. I actually got a reply from Tapatalk. Latest Android and Tapatalk issue.
  4. Nice break from the norm.
  5. Has anyone besides me getting music being played when you get and Tapatalk notification? I believe it started after the latest update. I removed Tapatalk and I still get email notifications but no music. Reinstalled it and the music is back. Sent msg to Tapatalk support but really don't expect much from them.
  6. I sanded, painted mine black and the wrapped them in Carbon Fiber. If they get scratched I just re-wrap them.
  7. Kewl chit Speedy... Yes... let Mrs Speedy drive.
  8. Rawlings is a hack! Shit I can drive better that that and I have 20 years on the guy. My reaction time sucks but I can still get down the track in 1 piece. I put his show the same place I put Facebook... in the shit can.
  9. dupe
  10. This a really old thread.... But, some how I lost my copy of my copy of the Driving the Texas Mile. Does anyone have a backup as the link to the original fails.
  11. Yea Stevo.... Yugo....Fuck yourself! Sent via Tapatalk
  12. Hey Kevin.... He must be a Democrat, Russian style. lmfao Sent via Tapatalk
  13. Sweet.....
  14. Speedy's junk maybe! At least it would be clean.
  15. $20.... Naaaah