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  1. They can transfer parts from the old motor?
  2. Sleepy Joe just shit in his pants.... the stain will never go away.
  3. Yup... this was going to be a great summer starting Challenger Fest, 2 ship reunions, a class reunion, and a family reunion all down the tubes.
  4. Me, I would turn around and say, "Lady move your bony ass back about 6'' or else! Sent via Tapatalk
  5. The wife and I are doing fine. Got Cabin Fever as you have never seen. Jarrell is a small community and so C hit hearOVID-19 has not hit here, so far. We both lost our parents' years ago. We have had limited contact with our kids and grandkids. All of our family members are still working, no layoffs. I make a "Road Trip" about once a week to hit the local stores for needed supplies. Wally World is about 12 miles away and occasionally I hit the gas station and ventured into the store. I am making CV-19 Masks to give away to those in need. I also am donating supplies like elastic & fabric for making CV-19.
  6. Tcm

    No P&P per se as the vin# is encoded in the TCM. But, contact AJ Berge/ (hemituner) or Mike Doban (ostdyno). I think AJ hangs out at Truestreet Performance.
  7. Jay, it is that way all over the US. 6th St in Austin looks like a Ghost Town.
  8. I wouldn't knock the guts out if you ever to sell it. Go to a good muffler shop and have them bend up a set, get an O2 bug and install it in the new pipes. As for the spark plug anti foulers, forget about them. I went thru this BS on my 10 Challenger. I have a set will give you if you want to try. I also have a set the angle version of the spark plug anti foulers. The answer is a set of Big Daddy's Mini Cats. They worked for me. I have one of those also as I was going to go catless on my 2.0 Cadillac ATS, which I traded along with the Challenger for my Scat.
  9. Due to other conflicts I had to cancel and release my room. I have 2 ship reunions, a class reunion & a family reunion all up in the air. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  10. Capcom this is Houston... we have a problem. The launch has been reset. 54 days and counting.
  11. Doh.. just read Speedy's CF 11 note.
  12. Last I looked 9 confirmed cases in BG. Sent from my SM-A507FN using Tapatalk
  13. There is a big shit storm being raged over on the LX Forum over this post.
  14. The April issue of Hot Rod has an article about a DIY Plug-N-Play Flex Fuel install from Advanced Fuel Dynamics. The only problem is the cost, $899.00 for 30 to 35 hp on E85. Parts Article
  15. Hey Grandpa Greg..Congrats Hope see at CF 11. I will be running my 17 Scat Pack on street tires, stock tune and reaction time measured in days. lmao Mybe I can win the "old fart" award.