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  1. Not sure where I snagged this part #... as I usually like to credit the person that found it or at least the thread that I found it in.Part # 68272122AA (Might be a Hellcat part)eBay - Original Autoparts Express 2 - $36.39 Shipped BeforeAfterWhat's In the Package INSTALL Remove the Fuse box cover and flip over the Windshield washer cover for better access.Next slide the ABS Cover tabs into the slots in the grill support and mate up the 2 mounting holes on the fuse box. I use 2 plastic screw type scrivets to hold don the ABS Cover.Now re-install the Fuse Box cover and you're done.
  2. Fitment 2015-2017 Challenger & Charger
  3. Nice video.... Who's running the drone? Where do you get the background music? Brake pads? I put Brake Performance ceramic's on my Scat. Low dust & excellent braking.
  4. They are at my shop.... it may take a day or so to get them and some pics to see if you want them.
  5. You're in luck.... I have a set off my 10 Challenger. Make me an off plus the ride.
  6. Wrong Kevin. I could handle shipping for me if I win. lmao Sent via Tapatalk
  7. I could handle that. Sent via Tapatalk
  8. I had first dibs on free in anot h er forum.
  9. 86 this asshole
  10. Man, I can see all kinds of body damage etc... By the time you get out of Maco's body shop, it will look brand new! lmao
  11. Did it break the tie down strapes?
  12. Greedy MF....for sure.
  13. I hear you, Wes... Been down that road and called it quits Dec of 2016 as I am too old to put up with that shit anymore. No more whiny assed customers thinking I am trying to screw them on price. Buy a $$$$ RV and scream blooding murder about the cost of a custom made part that will save them $90 every time it is used with a $10 part for Wal Mart or any auto parts store. Now they are crying that I don't make them anymore... well tough shit you shoulda thought about that a long time ago, I also fired FB, Instagram, Twitter etc... Too many armchair quarterbacks hiding behind a keyboard and way to invasive on a personal level. I can live with that.
  14. Kinda like termites.... Not if you will get infested but when. It just a matter of time when all these "free" sights run out of runway and need to purge files or charge for storage. Me I have a 1 terabyte HD attached to my laptop and a 5 terabyte external HD attached to my router to store stuff on. I also have my own "Photo Server" to store web photos.
  15. Well, that sucks....
  16. Parked the car as usual and upon restart, the car wouldn't shift out of 1st gear plus the USB port with my attached thumb drive didn't restart. Got a Msg. "Connect USB device". I stopped, shifted to park, turned off the car, restarted the car and the shift problem was gone. But, no USB. No thumb drive or Android Auto off the other USB port. I tried to reset Uconnect via the press/hold the upper right corner. That did not fix the problem. Next, I pulled fuses 37 (radio) and 38 (media center) in the trunk fuse panel. This resulted in a blue background base radio setup and restarted with no volume, no Sirius XM and no GPS. But, it did show USB with the last song being played. Uconnect showed a Chrysler logo on shutdown. I did another Uconnect reset and everything returned to normal.
  17. This photo was taken 1/30/2019... Nuff Said
  18. Congrats Dave.... Had my 10 for 7 years but got an itch for a Scat and traded.
  19. Especially after all the fucking libtards either went to Hawaii or Puerto Rico instead of fix in the shutdown issue. Trump stayed home in DC while his family was in Fl.
  20. 1 more test... Foundation prep for the Obama Library!
  21. Choose files
  22. test of pic post via drag files here to attach