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  1. To add insult to injury the turd is living in FREE $150,000 house his grandma bought for him as part of inheritance. All he his to pay for is his insurance... The dummy can't even do that, always short of cash. Yes, he has 2 roomies that don't pay shit and a main squeeze that flatbacks her rent. OBTW - Grandma bought all 3 of 4 grandchildren a $150k house. 2 couldn't handle it, sold the houses and move onto property grandma donated and put a mobile home on it. My Marine Corps grandson is living in an apt with his GF until he decides what to do. He says he is not ready to be a home owner yet.
  2. OBTW Cruz - my 26-year-old, going on 18, grandson works at a head shop and thinks Bernie Sanders was spot on. Little shit will get $1 a month in my will.
  3. They drink the kool-aid. Afraid of losing his free shit.
  4. Yup... You got that right.
  5. Mike, You do know that Bondurant filed for Bankruptcy.
  6. Got this off the Corvette forum...
  7. Yup... those assholes were pissed that Fudgepacking Barry's pick, Merrick Garland, was not approved. So, they orchestrated a smear campaign the blew up in their face. They have left a stain on Justice Kavanaugh's name and family, tossed Ford under the bus and made a mockery out of the constitution and rule of law. Bottom line, get out and vote and show them sumbitches they fucked with the wrong people.
  8. Yup... Poor thing only has 1 mill in a Go Fund Me account. With those goofy glasses she could be Mrs. Magoo.
  9. Kewl chit..
  10. Mike... Don't bother with it unless you plan to do shit with the car that a normal person won't. I had both front and rear bars on my Challenger along with coil overs. Bottom line a big waste of money. The factory has the car dialed in pretty dam good. Now if you plan to track the car REGULARLY then they might help some.
  11. Has anyone besides me getting music being played when you get and Tapatalk notification? I believe it started after the latest update. I removed Tapatalk and I still get email notifications but no music. Reinstalled it and the music is back. Sent msg to Tapatalk support but really don't expect much from them.
  12. ^^^ On my LG it's all or nothing. I actually got a reply from Tapatalk. Latest Android and Tapatalk issue.
  13. Nice break from the norm.
  14. I sanded, painted mine black and the wrapped them in Carbon Fiber. If they get scratched I just re-wrap them.
  15. Kewl chit Speedy... Yes... let Mrs Speedy drive.
  16. Rawlings is a hack! Shit I can drive better that that and I have 20 years on the guy. My reaction time sucks but I can still get down the track in 1 piece. I put his show the same place I put Facebook... in the shit can.
  17. dupe
  18. This a really old thread.... But, some how I lost my copy of my copy of the Driving the Texas Mile. Does anyone have a backup as the link to the original fails.
  19. Yea Stevo.... Yugo....Fuck yourself! Sent via Tapatalk
  20. Hey Kevin.... He must be a Democrat, Russian style. lmfao Sent via Tapatalk
  21. Sweet.....
  22. Speedy's junk maybe! At least it would be clean.
  23. $20.... Naaaah
  24. Graveyard Cars did a 70 Plymouth Superbird Tribute with a Hellcat crate motor.
  25. Yea... sold off all but 2 acres.