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  1. Yup.... Forgot to check the obvious. Swapping out a battery is a game-changer in this technology for sure.
  2. I had a 2010 Challenger 6 speed stick and it was pretty quick for a 5.7. But, the Scat Pack 392 8 speed is far better and quicker, I don't think it would take my 08 LS3 Corvette (12.4) though.
  3. Sweet - Leg Maker FTW Dam it sounds nasty!
  4. Kewl beans... Grandpa Greg Can't lift more than 20 lbs.. Well, I am not touching that one. lmao
  5. I could live with this.... They add a touch to the car and are not obvious like the widebody version.
  6. Watched it YouTube.
  7. Not a fan.... Looks like they added some leftover Jeep fender flares and called it a day.
  8. Way to go Speedy. I remember the first time I dialed in some timing and fuel at the Texas Mile. I thought oh shit here goes the motor. A good tail wind a touch of tuning pushed me frim 146 to 154.3 and no holes in the pistons.
  9. Cheap out... Dollar General and get a tube generic KY Jelly. lmao Hey, don't laugh it's what I use for O rings on my RO water filter system.
  10. Alan...axle grease is no no. But, Astro Glide might help. [emoji12]
  11. Alan, what do you expect from the brain dead muzzie loving liberals.
  12. IIRC -He use to work in jail or some such job! Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk
  13. For years?? Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk
  14. Where you been fella???? Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk
  15. No issue with my 10 Challenger in 7 years. But, again mine was always undercover. The Texas heat will warp dang near anything even your soul. lol
  16. Any of you use a USB Thumb Drive to store your personal music collection? That means you have to install the USB Stick in the connector in the console. What a PITA especially if you want to update it. So I found a short USB extension cable that makes the process easy. The 32 gig Thumb Drive in the photo above took a shit today. It doesn't surprise me as I got it at $5 Below just shits & grins. So today I tested a 64 gig Thumb Drive. Its was formatted in exFat32... It did NOT work. So, I formatted it NTFS and loaded a test file on it and it worked. I loaded about 16 gig worth of music from my backup file on it, NOTE - It will take a minute or so to for Uconnect to read the data, catalog the folders and songs the first time you access it. Also, don't go crazy with folders... mine are only 2 deep.
  17. Got a point, Chuck... But, I have all channels SiriusXM for free. It seems when their "Offshore Call Center" CS rep was trying to fix my $25 subscription for the Corvette she erased the Scat Pack. So, when my 1-year trial ended it is like the Energizer bunny... It just keeps on going and going and going.. I don't play the media, aka the USB stick that often, I added a folder with a "MIX" of our favoite songs on the stick and when I play it I put it on shuffle. So, the speed is good enough for my usage. OBTW - the 64gig drive is a USB 3.0 so the read speed is very good. Now on the other hand Uconnect my be the gating factor.
  18. Kewl chit Speedy...
  19. ProClip Cell Phone Holder Old Vent Magnet Mount - New Proclip Dash Mount I looked at various phone mount solutions and ProClip came out the winner, at least for me. It consists of 2 pieces. the car mount & the phone mount. The phone mount can be phone model specific or a more generic one. Tools You will need a small Phillips screwdriver, a really small Phillips screwdriver & the provided panel Gap Openers. Dash Mount The dash mount is held in with some adhesive double-faced tape & clips that are wedged between the dash panels. NOTE - You may need to use the provided Gap Openers. Phone Mount The phone mount is installed by removing the center screw of the phone holder & attaching the base to the ProClip car mount with the 4 supplied mounting screws. NOTE - The ProClip mount is plastic so don't get crazy tightening the screws! Now adjust the phone holder by loosening the 2 small screws, install the phone, pinch the sides of the holder to adjust the holder to the phone, remove the phone & tighten the 2 screws. Now, reinstall the phone holder with the center screw & tighten enough to allow adjustment for the best viewing position. This mount will hold phones that are: Adjustable fit for your phone with case Includes Tilt-Swivel to angle holder 15 degrees any direction. Device thickness: 11-14 mm (0.43-0.55 inches) Width adjustment: 75-89 mm (2.95-3.50 inches) Finished - Android Auto Display Waze Maps Google Maps
  20. Hard to keep up with you Speedy... Especially when you delay your videos. Plus I claim "Senior Moments" & I have CRS (Can't Remember Shit). lmao Lastly, I have only worked on old SBC & Ford's. Remember a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.
  21. Are Hellcat pistons forged or cast? Hypereutectic piston? Plus you have beating the snot out of it for what 3 years with mods that were not designed for the car. So, no it does not surprise me. IIRC - when the 392 came out they were coughing up pistons on a regular basis especially on a boosted engine.
  22. As a general rule, I never re-use any gasket.
  23. Not too surprised. If you look at piston design you will see that they have short skits and the wrist pin boss is now dang near in the oil ring groove.
  24. Your health is more important than a car and/or racing. Sent from my LM-Q710.FG using Tapatalk
  25. Thanks, Kev...