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  1. I've thought about it but I doubt my front facia will take the wind with the mods I had to do for the intercoooler.
  2. I'll take you up on that......grab the trailer when my car is done i drag my 5th wheel out to the track and we cann stay in it and race all weekend, grill soome steaks and I cook a mean steak and throw a few back.
  3. At least get a steak dinner.....I know you were testing the driveshaft. now I gotta taalk to Frnak and see if I can have one yet. We'll see what problems I have when I get mine to the track. I am anticipating a few with the Diff. Tranny has been cryo'd and syncho was upgraded SFI bell housing, SFI flywheel, I had to go with a ram clutch, waiting on the RPM rollbar, the motor and Driveshaft, worse case scenario I will run the stock drive shaft. PM me your addy so I can send you 100$ worth of whataburger. You need to come to AZ and i'll buy you a real burger from in and out.
  4. I've been in my ice cave too fuckiing hot to race....but its getting closer and my season is about to start. Spoke to Josh yesterday about my engine....thatss the only thing holding me up right now. I need me a burnt rubber sandwich with a side of VHT dressing. Tranny ios back new clutch is here all SFI and 10.00 compliant......if that doesn;t tell you anything, Sam better get sub 11's right quick. Sam I know you have a trailer....put that bitch up on a trailer and drag it out to AZ and lets finish this up in a heads up race. It will be fun.
  5. HEEELLLLLLOOOOO FELLA's Just wanted to see where all the cool kids are hanging out again. Congrats Sam on your run and beating my PB....bad newsd is my tranny is back in town and my motor is about 2 weeks out, so hopefully you won't enjoy the view from the top for too long. looks like I owe you a dinner PM me so I can send you your gift card. If you remember I told everyone with a stick challenger that if they beat my PB that I would by them dinner to a place of their choosing,, not to exceed 100 dollars. So I saw that "u be rolllin" now "u be grubbing" Where you want to eat fatty! ()
  6. E-85 is fairly easy to find out here. ITs running 3.19 a gallon right now. Far better than the 10.20 per gallon I was paying for 109. FUel system has to be increased quite a bit, have to add fuel pumps, probably bigger fuel lines, and I already have 80# injectors so I think we should be ok there not sure if we will ahve to move to bigger fuel rails, I have FORE rails ont he car now. HHP wil handle the tuning and yes it will be tuned on E-85. "Can these cars get in the 10s with that factory IRS?" Quote by Jay6spdrt my reply to this is "watch me"......!!! We will know by October.
  7. Well after a lot of deliberation and a ton of research and the advice of Joshua at HHP. I finally decided what the next step is. HHP is building the motor, it will be a 392(9.5:1)with custom Ross pistons,Total Seal Rings, Manley Crank and Rods, Pistons skirts will be coated and so will the bearings. I will be putting 20psi to the block. It will also be studded with ARP studs. The car will also be converted to E-85. Build Items: 392 Stroker (Custom from HHP) SFI Bell Housing SFI Fly Wheel E-85 Fuel System RPM bolt in Roll cage (probably the skull wrap, fits the theme of the car) Aluminum Drive Shaft (or Carbon Fiber if I can find one) My old motor will be pulled next week and I will take some pics and post them in this thread. I will also keep updates coming. Joshua spent hours on the phone rally getting a feel for what I am looking to do and examining all the options for the best configuration to have a street worthy car that I can drag race on the weekends. My goal here is to have an 11.00 car that will push mid to high 10's with good weather. If it does more even better. Joshua I really apprecaite you taking the time to consult with me and put forth the efforts that so many shops neglect. If you guys haven't dealt with HHP yet your missing out, they are top notch and have some of the best shop manners and cusstomer service that I have found in the industry. I can;t wait to get my car back up and running, and OCtober is the start of my race season so if you other stick guys haven;t pushed 10.99 yet you only have about 5 months to do it.
  8. Haven't foudn the article or the car. Still looking, and its supposed to be a stick car. Sorry guys been away for a bit, my youngest daughter graduated highschool last week, things have been crazy. If you guys don;t get there with a stick before October, it might be me.
  9. I'll get pics as soon as I get it the rest of the way broke down. I don;t want all the mess laying around the shop...shit troy might charge me rent (). I have the aluminum block, and was ordering the parts but really wasn't planning on starting the build until July. So this is a couple of months early. I am torn now because prices have come down and I can get an entire long block for 11k which would give me extra parts....my thought is to sell or keep the block and buy the long block. I'm so torn, I am actually going to have to put pen to paper and see which way is going to be best. Worst case scenario I will have 2 motors. WIfe is going to love that. Think I could convince her its a new clothes rack out in the garage? And boatman I was cracking up at the scrap metal comment. The best part is the recycling plant out here just burned down the week after I blew the motor. (they call me lucky). Auto car would have made no difference jay....I pushed the car hard, look at the time slips from that night....11.74 several 11.50's 2 11.40's and an 11.37 all with 1.7 or lower 60fts and then I drove the car home. GSO car is making cylinder pressure in the front 2 cylinders and the back 6 are dead. Now I know weird chit can happen but in my experience that usually means the cam shaft is in 2 or more pieces. Like I said as soon as I figure out the motor situation I will complete the tear down and post pics. I think its safe to say the car will definately be going faster by the time i'm done.
  10. So motor got torn down today hoping to have it out of the car by the end of the week. Looks like I broke the cam. Waiting to get the motor out to see what shape the block is in. More than likely it is fucked. I sat down with Troy and a tuner that is absolutely amzing he's donw a few very high horse power dodges, if any of you saw the purple plumkrazy at mopars at the strip....thats one of his build and tunes.....big ass turbo unreal HP, car puts out so much they can't tie the car down on the dyno anymore because the tires roll up on the sides. Anyway.....seems like after I tuned the car the math shows 720 hp to the tires......so that would definately exceed the limits of the stock crank and rods. I realize that the math is not the same as the dyno numbers but gave way. Anyway the build is starting.....I will post a thread when I have some pics and know which direction I am going with it. Actually I think I have my direction and a few of you are gonna go nuts (Andy ). Did someo one say e-85 and aluminum in the same sentence. More to come.
  11. Only time I see any kind of charger is in my rear view. Maybe you need to find a track where people know how to race ().
  12. Nice Job John.
  13. I was night racing then it warmed up to a cool 93 degrees and that's at 10pm at night. Soon it will be over a 100 a night no slush weather here. Man I was all excited when I saw this thread thought we were setting up an east vs west shoot out or something. Bummer! Just wanted to know what to tune the boost too.
  14. No prob sM...I will keep you all updated as we tear it down.
  15. Monty python now that just made my night...it's a classic