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  1. Wonder if that guy got scammed.... Vin is for a 2017 SRT https://www.auto.com/cars/dodge-challenger-srt_392-2017-2c3cdzdjxhh501658
  2. Seems his listing was pulled.... I wonder why
  3. The VIN he listed is for a two year old Hellcat. that along should get his listing pulled.
  4. Regarding 3D printing, you're going to have issues with heat with PLA or ABS. I've done a lot of printing for my 1:1 scale working BB-8 Robot. The panels get soft just sitting in the garage here in Florida. You may have to find something that will withstand the heat. You can prime and seal the prints to protect from moisture but heat is what is going to make that difficult. You can always prototype via 3D printing. With that said, always looking forward to what you come up with. While sad to see Orange Crush go bye-bye looking forward to what the new Hellcat will bring.
  5. Seems they are dropping these 6.2 SC engines in everything. Lets just cut to the chase and put one in the Dart already.
  6. Or spend just a few thousand more and get a Hellcat. I really don't think these special editions are going to be worth as much as real 70's special editions are worth now a days. Just look at 2008 SRTs, Mopar 10s...... With that said, the only "special edition's" I thought would hold their value would be drag packs. Even than, are v10 Drag packs holding their values?
  7. wonder if those rims will be the OEM wheels for the car
  8. Merry Christmas everyone
  9. The problem with that is most media outlets are still on Hillary's side and will not broadcast anything that would make her look bad, or them for how they covered her these past 18-24 months. Regarding the "roits" as police have been reporting. This is what happens when everyone gets a trophy and no one learns how to loose.
  10. had to mail my ballet in last week as I'm on the road for the next two weeks. Make America Great Again!!!!
  11. While I run the Central Florida Challenger Group (few hours North of you), you may want to check with Lisa over at Speed Logix to see if they have any leads on groups in your area. (Speed Logix is out of West Palm
  12. Check with Luke over at Steve White, He has added a few Maggies to the newer shakers equipped 392s
  13. If these are simply plug and play kits, which all good LED kits should be. There should be no flickering. Because some kits don't compensate for less resistance (which now throws off your can bus or makes the computer do weird things, including flickering), people or installers try and to make up for this less resistance by adding hi wattage resisters in line. I would also check to see if the kit you purchased uses CREE LEDs. These are now the standard in high quality LEDs and or "Bright" output. They also make a LED anti flicker kit that helps with this issues (tricks the computer into thinking you still have your old factory lamps). I know they sell them for Jeeps as one of the Jeep owners at our local car shows had all sorts of problems with his late model Jeep Wrangler until he purchased these add on kit for his headlamps.
  14. Something is up, both LED and HID should be brighter then your stock lamps. first thing I would do is get your money back from the guy for the LEDs. Something does not sound right and could be an install issue or a cheap knockoff product and not quality LED or HID products. Make sure these are not the cheap china versions and get yourself a good set of LEDs. CarID sells a good set for about $150.
  15. I have that and the let freedom live poster in my office but sorry, not for sale. They keep popping up on ebay from time to time.
  16. Even though you may be banned you're still a member (they sell ads on how many "members" they have).
  17. There use to be a really good ad blocker for both android and iPhone but either the dev stopped working on it or it was pulled for what ever reason. I'll keep an eye out as ads on mobile just suck big time, waste data and crash the browser.
  18. uBlock Origin is a great plugin for FF on that other site...
  19. What Hemi said, they don't even come with the bracket to put a filter in. I think it was a charger or 300 you needed the filter mount from. - Didn't come with hood struts - Mid 2010 and earlier did not come with the inside trunk lid covers - Driver side seat does not tilt forward. Dodge engineers didn't figure that out until 2011
  20. Must be stopped or under 3-4 MPH to do so.
  21. First thing you do when you buy a Hellcat... Throw the Black key away.
  22. I can only imagine how much this will be. I'm guessing, starting at 85-90K as an SRT jeep currently is 69-70K
  23. If you run your own email server the mx record may be incorrect. Google and a few others will not accept your emails. I would setup a gmail account and email him that way. You can also check if your mail server has been blacklisted via a number of search tools.
  24. Walking thew our High School library and stopped to watch the launch on TV. There was about 10-15 of us just in shock, at what had just happened.