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  1. I've been out of the scene for a while, glad to see that not only are you still doing vids, but they're still well-executed and informative. Good stuff, Speedy!
  2. What price are you asking for on the axles/Getrag?
  3. I'm awaiting the corollary paper that shows that highly intelligent individuals never commit crimes and have moral standing of the highest order. I'm sure it will be published any day now.
  4. Without going into specifics on what constitutes 'good' parents/parenting versus 'bad' parents/parenting - yes - I would generally agree that things probably go better if/when there are more good parents and fewer bad ones. But from that it doesn't follow that less educated parents are necessarily bad parents, nor that highly educated parents are necessarily good ones. Further (and more to my original point), there are way too many variables that can turn the best of intentions awry regardless of the educational background of the parents involved. So given that, it doesn't necessarily "sadden" me that intelligent people aren't having more children and ignorant people aren't having fewer or none. And I agree that parents are important -- especially where children are concerned. =)
  5. If intelligent individuals felt cultural, societal, generational, or any other kind of pressures to have children and resisted the urge to do so on those grounds, I think that is cause for elation, not sadness. Also, a set of intelligent parents is no guarantee of producing intelligent, benevolent offsping that then go on to be productive members of society. Seems to me there's a bit of a random element involved that can (and in at least some cases, does) override genetics (along with whatever intention parents may have for their kids). Just sayin'.
  6. I like everything except the color of the inner part of the grille -- I think the lightness of the inside of the grille (grey? white?) is a bit glaring - it rather draws the eye to it. If the color were darker, say the same red as the rest of the car, or black, like the standard bezel, I think it would look even tighter.
  7. Very cool, congratulations! I'd love to see it in person if you do make a trip out to SA Raceway!
  8. From the album other images

    AFR graph test run
  9. Dang, a 100 shot of N2O? Nice! Looking good, Sean!
  10. Haha Never say never, eh Sam?
  11. I installed mine this afternoon. Quick and simple, just the four bolts holding it on (I also kept my original). On mine, there is a very thin whitish-colored gasket that runs the circumference of the intake port where the TB meets it, which slipped partly off when I took the old one off. I re-seated it carefully and put the new TB in and replaced the throttle control sensor. After everything was back in place, I started the car. It idled at around 1100 or so for several minutes before dropping down to its usual 750-760 RPM. I then took it for a ten or so minute drive. It's difficult for me to be objective, but the throttle response is at least as good as it was with the original. It was responsive through all gears and varying RPM ranges. It's certainly no worse. Worth it? <shrug> In my case, all of my upgrades are very much piecemeal at this point, so I look at it as somewhat of an investment that might nicely complement future upgrades. We'll see. Maybe I'll notice some difference next time I make it out to the track, which should be Wednesday I'm hoping.
  12. Just for comparison, my stock suspension R/T, with the Goodyear F1s, measured 31" in the front and 32" in the rear. I also measured it with the Nitto tires, and that changed the measurement by -1" all around (the air pressure was lower in the Nittos, though).
  13. Those are very cool -- thanks for sharing these pictures!
  14. From the album et cetera

    Karl's 200mph car with Sam's wheels on the rears at the Texas Mile, March 2012.
  15. From the album et cetera

    Kenny and Doug changing out tires at the Texas Mile, March, 2012.