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  1. Thanks Speedy....I'm thinking I may actually put the pro grade on my daily and then use this on my Hellcat.
  2. BOOM! lol!
  3. Awesome!!! Can't wait to see you D!
  4. where have you seen the dates?
  5. oh crap.....be safe & take care...good luck
  6. Greg- Don't you have family up in Ohio? WTF are you doing? Go visit your pit crew for a week. Wish you the best no matter what..... Rob
  7. Congrats! You made a great choice!!! Dealer badge will come off pretty quickly.
  8. Kevin & Greg???
  9. I have a driveshaft and 20inch drag radials so far. Love the car!
  10. I was commenting on the 6.4. I’ve had the exact same experience as you with the cat.
  11. 12.6 all day
  12. ^^^^^^^ This
  13. hope so.....but the hotel said not only was our block sold out, but also the entire hotel I booked a room at the Hilton across the street to make sure I'm not sleeping in my truck!
  14. Just tried to book.....hotel is sold out
  15. J- How long is the coating supposed to last? Can they strip it and reapply? Just curious as I'm interested as well! Looks great.