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  1. J- How long is the coating supposed to last? Can they strip it and reapply? Just curious as I'm interested as well! Looks great.
  2. pricing is listed in the original post. If you want to have a discussion on pricing please PM....but to answer your question..... I will not be accepting an offer of $5500 shipped.
  3. Yep....6.1 based 392
  4. Car and all the speed parts are sold! Okay....I made the choice and went full burrito with a new ride.....so I'm selling a few items: 2.9L Whipple - $6,500 - Includes Customized Mopar Strut Bar and Arrington 90MM Throttle Body Paramount 8.8 Rear End - $3,500 - Comes with Center Section (4.10 Gears - Gears Whine), Axles, and Driveshaft These are being removed by Erik @ BFNY Barton Shifter - $400 - Brand New / Never Installed More to come....
  5. Congrats Greg!
  6. badass as usual Mani!
  7. AMEN!
  8. Congrats Micah!
  9. I was envisioning after the clean up you busily designing a system to keep everything dry while letting all of the heat out and looking cool!
  10. I can only imagine your OCD alarms going nuts!
  11. There will be another room freeing up at the host hotel. I'm sorry I will be missing out on all the fun. Hope to see you all soon.
  12. Wwwhhhaaatttt?!? Well congrats on the new ride man!
  14. Speedy....I'd love to be in the main hotel vs. the overflow