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  1. Congrats Greg!
  2. badass as usual Mani!
  3. GLWS Frank
  4. AMEN!
  5. Congrats Micah!
  6. I was envisioning after the clean up you busily designing a system to keep everything dry while letting all of the heat out and looking cool!
  7. I can only imagine your OCD alarms going nuts!
  8. There will be another room freeing up at the host hotel. I'm sorry I will be missing out on all the fun. Hope to see you all soon.
  9. Wwwhhhaaatttt?!? Well congrats on the new ride man!
  11. Speedy....I'd love to be in the main hotel vs. the overflow
  12. Erik ran a new line when I upgraded to the Whipple....don't recall the size for sure but think it was a -8.
  13. I'm booked at the Marriott, entry fee and t-shirt paid!
  14. Glad that things seem to be going well for you buddy. Hope to see you at CF8!