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  1. tried to send photos but modernmoparforum.com is not recognized. help

  2. need correct url to send photos. modernmoparforum.com is not recognized
  3. from lph can't figure out how to send pictures of 60 dart & 65 coronet

  4. I purchased this car in 1963 for $1500. It had a hemi 392? Long ram, dual Rochester 4 barrels. Being I was 17 my dad had to sign for car and the only way he would sign was for dealer to change to a two barrel. They did and it was a dog, but it was a convertible with power swivel seats, beautiful car, girls loved it. Dad made them change to 2 barrel said I couldn't have a race car. In 1965 I traded it for a 1965 coronet 440. My dad said it was a nice car, white wall tires, stick shift. It was a 426 street wedge. When dad and I picked it up, I pulled a hole shot, his only words were "boy you got a lousy race car" too late dad. I should have taken his advice, as I lost my license twice. But I wouldn't trade those memories for anything!
  5. did anyone have a 1965 coronet 440 with 426 street wedge with 4:10 gear ,hurst 4 speed 365 hp that ran 12:85 at 102 mph in the qtr, mile. stock except dual spark distributor and 4:10 gear. mine did at Detroit dragway.