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  1. Hey guys, been gone a while! While trying to drive my Challenger from Bryson City, NC to Charlotte 3 days ago, we were driving on ice and I suddenly started getting lights all over the dash. Shortly thereafter she died, on icy roads with snow blowing. I found the alternator hot and discolored and had to disconnect the battery cable at the battery to get the battery to take a charge so i could drive it one mile at a time until I got it to a Dodge dealership. They called today and confirmed that the alternator was bad. They want $440 for the part and $225 to replace it. I ordered one for $280 with a $40 core charger and plan to drive back out to Waynesville, NC this Thursday (providing the new alternator arrives as scheduled) to replace it myself. Here's the deal, I'll be working in 30-40 degrees in their parking lot (or nearby if they kick me out) with only the tools I bring. Can someone give me a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of every conceivable tool I'll need to replace it. I'd appreciate any addition tips or tricks. She's lowered so going underneath will be hard to impossible unless i bring ramps. Will I need them? Thanks guys for any advise.
  2. Being so busy recently, didn't even have time this year to keep up with the threads before the event. Subsequently we showed up without any racing gas. Wouldn't you know it, Mike (GEO) GIVES us a can of 109 race gas! He refused to accept any money. As a result of his generosity, our N/A 2010 SRT put down a solid 12.4 run. That's the kind of staff who put on this show. I'd love to say I'll be back next year, but this is my third and last Challengerfest for a decade as I leave in November to become a missionary doctor serving in the jungles of Papua New Guinea for the next ten years. We're giving up EVERYTHING we own including the SRT 8 and the Ram SRT 10 if anyone's interested. My wife (also a doctor) and I are doing this through Wycliffe Bible Translators and receive NO salary for our work. In fact, we go from living well to relying solely on the heart-felt generosity of others to sustain us. If ANYONE feels lead to partner with us in this endeavor, please PM me. I'm heading down to breakfast now! It's been an honor to know you all, and to meet you at these events!! God bless you all...
  3. Speedy, you can put the $32 to whatever use seems best to ya! Seems the least I can do for ya after all you do for us...
  4. Sorry I've been gone for a while, been busy getting ready for the move to Papua New Guinea this December! I just sent $132 to you Speedy for the purple 2010 SRT8 and two plates of food. Not bringing the Yellow SRT10 Ram this year, trying to sell it. My Pastor (Mike) will be coming again (third year now). He is available to give the prayer at the driver's meeting again if you're interested. We've had great weather last two years... : ) Will check the Holiday Inn, but I bet they're booked up by now. By the way, the purple streak hit 140mph at the wanna go fast event in Clayton, GA last fall. Not too shabby for 1/2 run on an unprepped runway.
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