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  1. Take a look and see if the bolts on the drive shaft are loose.
  2. Looking to buy a dual pump return system including regulator, inline filter, lines, fittings ect for 2010 Challenger. Ryan
  3. Wow. I had similar damage in my Dodge 3500 but it was in a 65 mph accident not a 10mph. I've seen idle surge issues before but yours seems strange that it would go that far/fast to do that type of damage. Did you ever have it reported to Ford or have them check it. Are you sure you weren't texting naughty photos and just got too excited..... .
  4. Mani, I tried buying the headlights from you but you didn't respond. Look in your PMs from a month ago. Ryan
  5. I think it was mentioned that they were standardizing on the upgraded leather interior on the Hellcat and a few other things. (read it on the LXF) With the changes, it would make sense that they would raise the price.
  6. Lipstick on a pig....
  7. Here Speedy. I did this last week on the road by my house... Completely false obviously but hey for a picture it looks good . Especially after I read about the Tesla P90 having a 2.8 sec 0-60...
  8. From the album Challenger

  9. From the album Challenger

  10. From the album Challenger

  11. From the album Challenger

  12. From the album Challenger

  13. Sorry to hear you are having problems. To be honest, I would get rid of the Arrington piece and get the fore. That alone wont fix the problem. The stock wiring is not built to handle the heat, which is why Arrington and others tell you to shorten the length of the wires and use thicker gauge harnesses (which they sell). However with the problems I've had with Arrington fuel systems, I don't think I would use their fuel systems again. I ran two of their setups. One ended bad, one has been good. Between their bad relays(not their problem) on the pump and a half kit they had, the melted fuse in the battery bay. (which was their problem.) The backwards wire harness (which Speedy's buddy had made. He did send the correct one later. No harm really, but it was a bit frustrating at the time). They also had machined housings that were machined too thin and had holes in it. (their problem) Then last year the plastic fuel hat melted a hole in the top connector and leaked fuel out the bottom. Thankfully it didn't burn the car to the ground. This was with the new wiring harness, and shortened wires. No ground issues just not a good setup which is likely part of the reason they discontinued the pump and a half setup. (as well as the single comp was a cleaner more efficient piece.) Since I had an existing credit with them, I ended up with their single competition unit and a billet fuel hat that, since the plastic dodge unit is stupidly priced. There were no instructions with the fuel hat so a bit of trial and error was needed. This pump has been ok to be honest, but I am not sure it meets the target that it is advertised at. I will likely pull it and move to the fore dual pump return style system which has more of a history. Good luck and don't leave it the way it is. Fix it before it causes a bigger problem. (with smoke and fire and shit)
  14. I tend to agree with Hemi31. It doesn't hurt anything to troubleshoot the issue so you replace the right parts. Plus its way less expensive in the long run. Hope you get it all sorted out. Be interested to know what the results are.
  15. Mani I'd like to buy the the headlight intake setup from you. Throw me your email or phone number. Ryan