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  1. Challamarostang Looks like someone tossed all 3 tossed in a blender...
  2. Since there were a bunch of Hellcat's there, how does the companies claim of 10.8 on DR & 11.2 on street tires hold up? I saw the 11.0 post for I think it was the Charger, but how did the Challengers do stock? Figure by next year they WON'T be stock anymore. Just curious... the wife is busting my balls about a trade in...
  3. Had to hold my laptop upside down to watch that....
  4. Nice showing, too bad we couldn't make it this year... As it certainly looks to be a good place to check out the new Hellcat's How many showed up so far? From the pics, I think I saw 2 green, 1 red, 1 silver & the red charger. Sat may just have the most HC running at the same track at the same time so far. (hopefully someone gets a pic of them all together... maybe even lined up in the staging lanes,) In any event, there will be plenty of other cars looking to give them a run for their money. (see if that 10.8 claim holds up)
  5. Speedy... I could not make the event this year, but if you pm me a Paypal I'll send a donation for Racing4Vets Thanks
  6. I got one last fall. Big thumbs UP! Solid smooth beefy bastard, and the shifter handle to base connection is the very definition of overkill. I mean... why use only 2 bolts to connect a shifter handle, when you can use "12" . I used my pistol grip with the shifter, just to keep it original looking... But if you choose to use the included Barton handle, King Kong couldn't break the fucker off.
  7. Na I actually forgot about it until I was doing my taxes... Doesn't matter, since I didn't get it, I just claimed the charitable deduction, as to me that is what it was all about anyway. The only reason I bid on the hopnot was because I still had designated $$ left on the table that I planned to donate anyway, and that was the last item to pop up in the range. I was serious above... If they still have it... just toss it back in the pot this year. If I want one some day I'll just buy one. Same goes for the license plate...I never claimed that one either. To me it was always about the donation... not getting stuff cheap. I talked to the guys for a while at the track, and thought it was a damn good cause.
  8. Maybe you can get Hop Not to put up the stag 1 kit again this year... They never sent it to me last year after auction, so they should still have it.
  9. Rockcastle Estates 2nd Amendment Community Living Range Time, Lodging, Dining, Golf and the Winery! Damn... Buy a house, walk out the front door and shoot or golf or hit the winery Sounds like the perfect place to retire and await the Zombie Apocalypse
  10. From the album Runner's misc stuff

    Scary Shit !
  11. From the album Runner's misc stuff

  12. I have Black Gorilla lugs on my black heitage wheels for coming up on 2 years. The pos 2 piece stock ones are in a bag where they will stay.
  13. .-^-. ?¿? .-^-. !!!¡¡¡¡!!!
  14. From the album Runner's misc stuff

    Keeping the Wife happy !
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